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    January 28, 2010


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    the funny thing is that either way, you know they're both putting out.

    it's the culture stupid


    manifesto boy, I am trolling you today cause you are so pathetic I can't resist.

    You are a crass obviously woman less creature.

    By "putting out" do you mean they are whores?? And if so what does that make the guys they are putting it out to? Oh I know YOU. Still paying for it hey gnat. Yeah I guess that pumpkin head does limit your choices.

    Yeah, its the "derek stupid."

    Andrea A.

    derek, that was a completely sexist and totally unnecessary remark. Don't stoop that low.


    Andrea, derek always looks like he is stooping. Its that hump on his back.

    Yes it is sad, a head the size of a pumpkin and a hump on his back.

    That is why he chose a anti-social career. And because he is so jealous of normal people he talks like a pig on a site where he can say what he likes without getting the sh*t beat out of him.

    Amanda Smith

    All this is is the contrast between sane and insane. Get over it! Anyone who thinks its ok to kill babies is not sane.
    There are some sane people, who are just brainwashed, but change their minds later. But the diehards have a mental disorder. The sooner that is recognized, and not just chided at, the better.
    They arent just "crazy", they ARE CRAZY.

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