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January 29, 2010


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Love it!!

Kept warning all the Viking fans about that, but they would not believe me!! lol!

Actualy I was hoping he would not choke untill the supper bowl, so the Vikings could have the record of most looses at the super bowl. I can always hope for next year ;)



Hey, Kurt Warner (Cards) just announced his retirement...AZ has an opening, please oh please move to Glendale and give me back my team!



Please, please, please re-re-re-retire.

I want my team back!


Well...I thought the first one didn't post... oh well... I'm still laughing from the interception...

James T.

Works for me! Funny as hell!


well the good news is that this is pretty funny. the bad news is that ted thompson is still your gm.


derek, OMG we agree!

Now don't get sick to your stomach, I am sure it will be the only time.

ted is such a stooge. He was asked what he thought of the game and he said he stopped watching before they went into over time.

Yeah right ted, you lilly livered poor excuse for a GM.

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