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    January 19, 2010


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    what are you going to do with your expensive keyboardless paperweight? :)


    There's no such thing as too many Macs!

    James T.

    Your jealously betrays you! nosredna2 is correct... Never too much!


    Actually I am quite suprised by the comments in my office. Most if not all of the die hard mac addicts from the creative dept are rejecting this device before it is even released.

    Seriously what is this thing going to do that a kindle/laptop can't?

    I think that all tablet devices are doomed to fail. They don't provide anything that a laptop or Kindle can't provide.


    I find it hilarious that davidb is surrounded by die hard Mac addicts and "most if not all" are rejecting this device sight unseen.

    Well davey if you are being truthful than your die hard Mac friends aren't really die hard Mac fans.

    Hey you think I am going to let you post without rattling your!


    Come on davey, you only come here to be contrary to what ever James' opinion is.

    James T.

    Leave DaveyB alone Maddy. He's typing on a PC. Hey, that something that you two have on common!


    I want a MAC!!!!!


    They die hard mac fans at my work(the creative team) all work on macs, have macs at home, iphones, etc.... They also continue to verbally assault me for being a Microsoft Guru. So yeah I would say they are die hard mac fans even if they reject this device.

    I reject all tablet computers. They are pointless in an environment where you can buy a $300 kindle and a $600 sleek laptop with a keyboard. Especially if you are going to charge $1000+

    I don't only come here to be contrary to James. In fact I even *GASP* agree with him once in awhile.

    I think I have my I hate Obama membership card in my pocket here somewhere....


    PS you should just pick up a nice windows 7 laptop. Its even better than MAC OSX and just as easy to use. You'll save a bunch of money. Unfortunately you won't have bragging rights for overpaying for an apple product though.


    I am not savvy enough to deserve a MAC.

    I will continue to use my humble PC and try to get by some how!

    James T.

    Ya know what? I agree with you about the overpriced tablet computer. And you are right about the cost of all things Apple.

    And yet...

    Gosh that felt great!


    James, will you be able to hold it together until then? ;-P

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