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    January 18, 2010


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    Taken at it's lightest, the statement is one of theological hubris. Reading more into the statement, you can find cultural racism though. The former I find to be something that lots of people engage in. The latter I find more likely in people with a conservative mindset because said people seem more likely to not be relativistic on culture. You get a guy like Robertson and his natural proclivities towards finding inferiority in other people's beliefs gravitates him towards making theological statements on those perceived inferiorities.

    Excellent article. Quite gracious you were toward Mr. Robertson for the ill-advised remarks.

    Nevertheless, this is one among a myriad of reasons I have personally distanced myself from this brand of theology. Truly cringe-worthy!


    James Pawlak

    Robertson, like Jimmy Carter, should not be allowed out without an "keeper" AND should "go silently into the night".


    Pat Robertson may say some incredible things. But if God wants to punish these people for practicing voodoo alongside His Name, He can
    Why is that so strange to other christians? Was there not a flood that wiped people out? Was God not going to destroy sodom and gomorrah? Did God not instruct the Israelites to annihilate cities and take them over?
    Yes He did! And no one has any authority to question His surpreme wisdom.
    I guess its just a cute, silly saying that goes " I gave you life, and Ill take it". But God Himself cant actually decide to do that?
    Maybe the Haitians didnt make a pact with the Devil. But practicing voodoo, which is rampant down there is pretty much the same thing. These people have had more than a reasonable share of disasters. Maybe there IS a reason. Maybe GOD knows about the Haitians and decides that this is justice for them.
    Im not saying it is or isnt. But its not impossible. And its not implausible. And its completely Gods prerogative to either bless or curse his creation.


    your own savior died beaten and starving. with that in mind it IS strange to here christians blab about why anyone goes through the trials and tribulations they must go through.

    like i said, to presume god's will is nothing more than theological hubris. nothing more than robertson's vanity


    I'd rather make a deal with the Devil than with any god that Robertson and Limbaugh worship.

    God sucks! He can kiss my little white ass.


    Phil, I have no doubt that your ass is white.
    But little?

    You have a fat head so you must have a fat ass too.

    Don't sit on your brains so much, get up and walk and get some fresh air.

    Your comments indicate that you are in a world of hurt.

    It must be all that exploding your head does on a daily bases.

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