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December 21, 2009


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Being recently removed from college/post-secondary, students are clueless. Seriously, if you wanted to make a documentary on ignorance, best look to a college campus! Embarrassing those UWM students are.

But clever video James. You make your point and build up to it well. Creative and easy to listen to. Sure you aren't a marketing person? ;p

Brew City Firefighter


Nice job. Simply stated, softly spoken, it speaks volumes. You should run for office. I would give you a solid A+. Keep fighting the good fight.


"but I know that he's trying"

reminds me of this far side cartoon...


Yeah...poor kid is trying too...

Dan (BipolarNation.com)

Hey James, what's the story with your book? Are you really writing one?


jt this was fantastic! did you do all of the editing yourself on your mac?

James T.

Yes. I am writing a book. It's killing me!

DavidB, I've got a cameraman who is a great editor. We get a little better every time we do it. He has a real deal camera and yes, all editing is done on our Macs.

:-) Glad you liked it!


Speaking of ObamaGrades, try this:




JT asked questions of kiddies who likely don't know much about their government, or have even read the constitution.

What do they learn in schools today... that BHO promises "hope and change". Interesting that the kiddies are even clued in enough to ask what kinds of "change".

BHO, why are you afraid to show those college records? Why pay millions of dollars in legal fees to keep the records sealed?

If he's a B+ as he professes... how does one get a grade with little if any accomplishments, failed attempts and incompletes?

Dan (BipolarNation.com)

That's awesome. Can't wait til it comes out.


Nice JT!

I know you don't mind when I use things from your site, on a site I also frequent. It's a thread about politics on a catamaran sailing site. I always credit the creator of the material.


The 'Drill baby Drill' thread, feel free to add to it if anybody wants.


The thread mentioned above is on the 'open forum, then general discussions, then Drill Baby drill...'

Andrea A.

Love the video blog James! Does a much better job at conveying the feelings behind the words! Keep fightin' the good fight! ;-)


oh man James, you said it so good, I should just shut up and watch you say it again. Seriously, while I have no personal animus towards Obama, it seems to me that any reasonable or logical person would have to acknowledge some of his shortcomings as of late. the only people who do that are often far left or right. which is sad, but also telling. It takes someone confidant in what they think and know to challenge the status quo like this. Kudos to you for doing it well, on camera, and getting that point out there.


You got that right, James!!!!!! Totally well said, bro. Look... if I could have slacked off like that during my Grad school program recently, I wouldn't have had to work that hard--- and would have been as lazy, clueless, cynical, and arrogantly undeserving as the BO.


James, I have watched this a few times and it just keeps getting better.

You always hit the nail on the head.

You Rock!! And so does your camera man!

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