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    December 28, 2009


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    Dan (

    TMZ is saying it's a fake, something from a Playboy feature in 1967. But it did seem highly plausible.

    James T.

    Thanks Dan! Too much fun though! Ahhh the 50's!

    John Foust

    Darn! And it fit the preconceived notions so well! Hit 'em where it hits, James!

    James T.

    What "preconceived notions" Johnny? Is that all ya got? Besides, "hit em where it hits?"



    So the standard for a "national conversation" is plausability rather than fact? You set a low bar for your self, James T and you often can't meet it.

    James T.

    And yet, here you are grumps... trolling on the National Conversation. Basing your comments on what? A botched blog post.

    What's that say about your standards grumps? Scratch the surface then get back to me.


    You give me too much credit, James T. I am but a humble citizen who wishes to take part in this national conversation you nourish here.

    You, on the other hand, draw a paycheck from The Biggest Stick In the State, a once-proud news gathering organization that not so very long ago took some level of pride in getting the facts right.

    You wish to pass this off as a "botched blog post," James T. But it was a deliberate posting of a picture of mild prurience and dubious provenance that gave you a chance to smear the memory of a recently deceased Senator and show titties, all at the same time. Don't get all puffy and claim the high ground, James T. You've done nothing to deserve your dudgeon and little to deserve your prominence.


    Hey grumpy, whats your problem? You watch propaganda media morning noon and night. You feed off their lies but you come here to blast James T. about standards and the lowering the bar.

    jumpy is a funny little troll commie. You must be bored with your lunatic libs to make a lame comment about nothing? Yes all of you anti-Americans get bored with yourselves eventually.
    Next time rumpy bring some thing to the table. This site is filled with excellent articles to comment on.

    Don't be afraid lumpy to tell us how you really feel.

    So come on back dumpy and join the conversation.

    James T.

    Actually grumps, I give you no credit at all...

    You get an F.

    And the very fact that I do draw a paycheck from "The Biggest Stick In the State" means I deserve this "dudgeon" which my tribe built and the little prominence I have...

    Where do you draw your paycheck from grumps? I bet they're getting a real bargain!

    John Foust

    What Would Jesus Do? After all, those are someone's daughters.


    "to smear the memory of a recently deceased Senator and show titties, all at the same time"

    HUH....are you talking about Ted? Umm Grumps....dude, he smears his own memory. The man let a woman die.

    As for smearing JFK....well they actually have memo's regarding a certain picture that was on the President's desk of nude women. The memo stated that they thought it was distastful for him to have that displayed on his desk. So while the picture is not a real picture of JFK....its quite possible that there could have been one.

    Carry on James.... ;)


    James LOL... do you think little ole troll grump will ever come back and answer your question?

    Nah, he's a hit & run!


    I do find it fascinating that while we know it is a is all too easily believed to be real. Tells you something about the character and legacy left behind by JFK. In 2040 will we have pictures of Bill popping up on tabloid TV?

    John Foust

    I beg of you, Sir! Not the diminutive!


    And the rest of it find it fascinating that you and James T are willing to use easily believed fiction as the basis for your political "conversation."

    James T, whatever difference could my occupation make to such as you? You are the one who stakes his credibility on misattribution and boobs. You are the one who sullies his employer's reputation with every fictitious posting.

    Be a man, James T. Own up to getting gamed by your own willingness to believe in lies to slander those who disagree with you. You haven't just botched a blog post. If that were the case you would make amends and move on. You're intent on sticking to the lie, James T, just because it sounds vaguely plausible.


    gimpy, why are you comparing James to the low standards you practice in your own life.

    I can't decide if your rants are due to jealousy or lunacy. Probably both.

    So you do nothing for a living hmm. Not surprising but it pisses me off that my tax dollars are paying for you to sit around and be an unproductive troll.

    Well lumpy enjoy it while you can. A fresh new breeze is blowing into the USA and useless people like you aren't part of the plan.

    No more free rides for unproductive trolls. You might want to start calling the commie clown now and see if he has a plan for you and your acorn buddies.

    Your short rein of "we won" is over. Jeez, what a loser.

    James T.

    Hey grumsp...

    Do you see a WTMJ logo at the top of this site? The National Conversation is older than my "employment" at WTMJ.

    "James T, whatever difference could my occupation make to such as you?"

    Well grumsp, if you are willing to tag TMJ for my comments, it would only be fair for me to tag the company that employs you for your stupidity...

    But I'm starting to think that maybe Maddypie is right. You gots no job!

    Come on grumps, be a man! Own up to getting gamed by your own willingness to believe in the delusions that you spew!

    I've already said that the story was bogus and provided a link. Why are you choosing to be stuck on stupid?


    Stupid is as Stupid does...

    Forrest Gump

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