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    November 18, 2009


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    I'll take the one on the left, please. She knows how to look GOOD in shorts.

    Not that looks have anything to do with it...

    Did I ever mention that photo has replace the Farrah Fawcett poster on my wall?


    How exactly is she a "problem"? She just wrote a book. Why doesn't the left simply ignore it like we've simply commented on and then promptly ignored Roger Moore's movie on capitalism?

    Again, the left has gone ballistic. They're scared.


    Yeah... Newsweek. I'm really going to read every word they print. NOT. They just admitted after the Gore issue the negative letters were 3 out of every 4 received... yet its reported they printed only positive letters by readers. WHY? What communist thug owns Newsweek?

    BTW... inner beauty is more important... the one on the right doesn't have that either!


    michy is ugly from the inside out.
    She is throwing darts at the picture of Sarah and screaming at hussein "tell them to stop talking about this bitch." "I don't care how scared they are of her, it is back firing and I WILL NOT be made the butt(big butt!)of jokes!"


    Two hours later michy is again screaming at the top of her lungs "hussein get your black, white, lying ass up here!"

    Oh Oh, looks like michy found the newsweek copy hussein had hidden in his underwear drawer.
    And to make matters worse, michy's picture is cut out of the cover!

    Run for your life hussein. Hey guys if she catches him we may not have to worry about Impeaching the commie clowns ass after all.


    Well, actually they both look good in shorts. Think the original cover of Sarah was 'Runners World' and the photo of the First Lady is coming out of Air force One.
    Memo to the First Lady and her staff: you represent this country and you are expected to get up, dress up and show up at all times. Save the shorts and workout gear for the gym in the White House.


    Wow, James T. This is pretty low. Even for you. Are you sure your Mom was black?

    James T.


    Yep! I'm sure, my mom is black... with a touch of Choctaw and Irish I think?

    Obama's mom was white.

    What's your point? What did I do?


    a-bro, Here is some free advice, take a communications course.

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