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    November 18, 2009


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    Lone Wolf

    If I were the father of this little hitler youth, I'd have gone old school on his ass and he wouldn't be able to sit down during the Pledge of Allegiance.

    Maybe he needs to be taught to respect his country first and that there's a time and place for disagreement. And it's not the time when honoring your country.

    Better yet, ship his ass to Russia or China.


    C'mon LW,

    I'm assuming you have kids, maybe his age?

    I do.
    This is a young intelligent mind, exploring his identity and how far he can make a statement about something he believes in. He's pretty much being a smart -ass, but thats his perogative. In general terms, since it was a planned and thought out defiance, his dad should stick by him, even though he does not agree, so that he doesn't loose his respect for allowing him to assert his beliefs.

    I could go on, but I'll stop there.

    PS, my niece has attended school in mainland China, (nanjing), all her life. She loves it, and is getting an AWESOME education.

    James T.


    I've got a kid his age and I'm here to tell you that there is no way in hell I would "stick by him, even though [I] do not agree."

    I'm old school.

    I could give a hot damn if my kid respects me. They will obey me first. They will get the chance to respect me when, God willing, they are as old as I am and remember how I was a great dad who kicked their little asses.

    Lone Wolf


    This kid may very well be intelligent and exploring his identity but as I stated earlier, there's a time and a place for things and in my opinion he definitely chose the wrong time to be defiant. There are many other ways he could have expressed his feelings without disrespecting our country and all of the men and women who've fought and died to give him the freedom to be able to do so. Although we don't agree on this, it is good to see you back on this site as more times than not we are pretty much on the same page on issues.

    I'm glad your niece is getting a wonderful education in China. My comment though had nothing really to do with the educational systems in Russia or China I just thought those would be great places where his little commie mind could be cultivated properly.


    It's good to see a fellow "old schooler." You and I share a lot of common beliefs.


    Totally agree with JT on this one. I am "old school" too and I will give my kids something to think about if they decided to disrespect their country the way this child is.

    My child lives in the USA and gets an awesome education too. We live in one of the top school districts in the nation. No need to go to China for that.

    Maddie - Saukville

    Okay, granted the title puts a little bias in here but I didn't watch the video. I didn't read your comments. My feeble eyes can't make out what it says on his T-shirt. I'm going on nothing but the look on this kid's face.

    He never had one but badly needs a beating.

    Am I right?!

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