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November 01, 2009


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Sick, backwards, and twisted. And it's not a Halloween prank.

I can't imagine the mental gymnastics a person who describes herself as a Catholic must do in order to generate a bill that would allow for taxpayer-funded abortions.


James, Thanks for this great video.

Valuable information and we get to see
"The Beautiful Man." :)

Lone Wolf

I wonder if any libs will even take any time at all to actually look at this before blindly supporting it.

J.T. you hit the nail squarely on the head at the end of this video. The term "fundamentally change" will forever be burned in my memory as this is what Obama said he was going to do to America just a few days before the election. It's too bad more people didn't really understand this before they voted for him.

Time is running out quickly and if this bill passes, it will only embolden those who want to dictate our lives. It's time to get on the phones and let our representatives know what a mistake it's going to be to pass this monstrosity.


Hey Lone Wolf. That Lefty crowd is tuned out ... too busy watching the latest reality show, Jerry Springer, etc. Besides... I'm certain they cannot comprehend what's written in it. They didn't understand "fundamentally change".

For any lefty readers: Fundamental=foundation or basis, the basic.

RNC slogan to defeat second term: "NOT ONE DIME". Ryan spelled out the higher taxes in this video... for anyone making under 250T... "in Wisconsin 54% for small businesses".

It worked for the Dems to defeat George HW: "Read My Lips"


If the left even read this bill, which they won't, the facts and consequences of this bill are way too much for them to comprehend. Just another attempt at "change" that will destroy America.

The liberal left will not be happy until their idea of freedom is made law.

Sarah L.

Where is the transparency? Does this come in audio form? How can we be expected at the public to support or back something that we all can't have the equal access to?
Call your Reps!

Lone Wolf

2 interesting videos on this. In this first one, Senior Democratic Whip John Yarmuth outright lies and says that the Dems. have never claimed this plan would reduce health care costs.


The 2'nd video has Republican John Shadegg from Arizona talking about plans to read this entire bill out loud on the house floor.



Lone Wolf, Good videos.

Will the day every come that they interviewer will say "wait a minute you just said this will cost people less, and now you are back peddling and saying you are trying to keep costs down." Are you lying to me Mr. Yarmuth?

How sweet would that be.

And here is a question I would ask.
"If I take your fraudulent numbers and say 40 million Americans have no health insurance, please explain how your plan will cost all tax payers less and provide better care when no extra hospitals, doctors, nurses, clinics and medical testing equipment will be provided to care for 40 million extra people?"


Good questions maddypie... good thing you didn't muddy your brain by going to journalism school.

I'd like to hear the reporter shoot back "Are you lying to me..." too!

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