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November 12, 2009


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WOW! take the time to read some of the comments, not one Bush bash in the lot! Amazing. I guess bo did something right, he put into perspective what kind of President Bush was (even though that was not his intentions).


wow time is giving people a chance to look at them rationally, who'da thunk it ?

dana michelle

If these guys can change their tune, apparently, there's hope for this country yet :)

Go, Hillblog!


I was number 513 to comment.

I guess "never say never" is a true statement after all.

dana michelle


Make that "HillBUZZ".


Thank you James for posting this. It brought tears to my eyes. While I didn't agree with President Bush on everything, I knew he understood the job, took it seriously and he cares. Tears came to my eyes again when I saw him on Fox today announcing the plans for his foundation. I miss President Bush.

It is also encouraging to see people of all walks of life -- liberal, conservative, moderate, gay, straight -- come together in a space and have a common understanding of our country's situation and the bad path it has been put on.

Let BO have his nationalized election next year, let him insert himself into every political race, telling people why they need to continue feeling all hopey and changey -- the time for catchy slogans and cult of personality is over. People can see with their own eyes (and in many cases, with their wallets) what is going on and want their America back. They want jobs, they want to be productive members of society again. They don't want the vision that BO, NP and HR are putting forth for this nation.


When Pres. Bush took office, and his staff found the West Wing trashed by the outgoing staff, he would not let them make a big deal out of it but just told them to have it fixed. I've heard him many times during his presidency being respectful and complimentary to his predecessors and rivals, even those who were unkind to him. Could it be that Pres. Bush follows the golden rules of; treating others as you would like to be treated and turning the other cheek? I have heard people mocking his christianity and saying that it was adopted for political reasons. It seems to me that Pres. Bush follows his beliefs whether or not others are paying attention.


Thank you for posting this James T. It brought a smile to my face reading through some of the comments that confirmed by belief of who W is, a good, sincere and honest man... and an American who truly loves his country and fellow countrymen.

"God Bless America"... the final line of nearly every speech Mr. Bush gave.

And welcome home to the people who can now see the difference between W and the current president. America is a great place to live... why change it to something none will recognize as home?

Lone Wolf

The true measure of a man's character is not defined by the words he speaks but by the actions he takes.

The aftermath of this tragic event has defined for many Americans the characters of a past great LEADER and a present pretender!


hsgbdmama, So well said.

We do want Our America back!

The libs have much more to worry about in 2010 than elections and who will and who won't want husein involved in their campaign's. It isn't going to matter that they have the commie media on their side. No one watches them any more because they look like the lying buffoons that they are.

A terrorist has killed 14(one of the victims was pregnant)people and injured 31 on American soil. husseins inaction and muslim defending ways is not going down with many people who have still been giving him a pass.
America has not prospered and survived to this point just to have a crazy evil narcissistic commie destroy it.

We will get Our America back!

Brew City Firefighter

"Character is doing the right thing when nobody's looking. There are too many people who think
that the only thing that's right is to get by, and the only thing that's wrong is to get caught.”

I was very proud of President Bush and Laura for what they did at Fort Hood. To me he is a true American and cares greatly about this country, wish I could say the same for the present POTUS.

Maddie - Saukville

I am really impressed by the piece, finally someone on the left took a serious step back and made some real comparisons. W was damned months before he took the oath and not one of his detractors let up on him after, until now.

And I don't think you should never make fun of a President either as long as you give him/her credit for the things they do right. That moment, at ground zero, you can debate what happened after if you want but that had to be in the top ten all time things Presidents have done right. Shame on Obama too for neglecting to mention another, "Mr. Gorbachev, open this gate. Tear down this wall."

President Reagan quoted JFK and went on in some detail about the Marshall Plan, Obama, hey, who'd have thought when the wall went up I'd be in the White House?! President Me ME ME!

Here is what President Obama would have said, of course he'd buzz the city a couple of times in Airforce One first, you know, get the crowd's hearts pumping, at Ground Zero: I want you all to know, that I am on bended knee, not for the people who work here, the people who died here but for the Saudi Royalty. I can hear you! The people that knocked these buildings down are going to hear from me! I'll apologize for all of us Americans pretty soon! God damn America! (His mentor Jeremiah threw in the last part)


The Hill Buzz blog gave me hope for America. People are waking up and opening their eyes. God Bless President Bush and his beautiful wife Laura.

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