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November 14, 2009


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looking forward to it!

Lone Wolf

Hope many of the locals from this site try to attend. I will be.

Here's another saying from the Fantastic Four going to all of the overspenders in Wisconsin gov.:

"It's clobberin' time!"


What a wonderful Event.

And while Vicki was great and Scott Walker did what he does best(and Scott will be our next Governor)
James T. Harris brought the house down!

To all of you who were unable to attend don't miss the next opportunity to see James T. in person.
For as fabulous as he is on the radio, nothing compares to watching him speak in person.


GRRRRR! Wanted to attend, but babysitting for grandkids. Next time...


wanted to attend but live futher north than James!


Diane, I am sorry to hear you do not live in the area. I have really wanted to meet you. :)


It could be arranged! You never know where I will turn up.


I am a Cheese Head in Heart, and boy do I get teased about that!

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