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    November 18, 2009


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    Axelwrong's work?


    Poor Tom has managed to remove all doubt that he is not only just an empty suite.
    But he is actually a child standing in his pull ups waiting to see what else daddy hussein will promise him to look like an A-1 manipulated fool.

    I predict Mrs. Tom leaves him in less than a year. Who wants to be married to a child?
    And hussein, not she is calling the shots now for "puppet Tom."
    A wimp for a husband and no input in to his failing career.
    Yeah, she's out of here.

    Maddie - Saukville

    Maddypie, I think Hussein promised the Mayor that he would fix his marriage after the election. He can do that with a mere wave of his hands you know? Uh-huh! He stopped the oceans from rising didn't he? He didn't? Envirofreaks are saying this is no difference between Obama and Bush? Oh. Never mind!

    On the bright side, maybe Doyle will return to law practice and will be your divorce attorney Mr Mayor. Come to think of it, that isn't likely to work out well either, not if Doyle is as good with negotiating alimony as he is with budgets. If he steals your transportation fund, you're not sleazy enough to stay out of jail like he is.

    I'll miss Tom. He was a nice guy.

    Matt von Brookfield

    Unless Tom uses the "Pity me" line, which I'll give him credit I doubt he'd go down to like Diamond Jim would, he's not going to win. College students are mobilized already behind the two Republican frontrunners. The Governors race has a strong chance of being decided in September.

    Disgruntled Car Salesman

    Did you see halfway through the video that one of the references was "Watchdog Milwaukee"? It's one thing to cite a local libearl rag newspaper, but a completely other to cite a local group of hate spewing liberal bloggers! Ha! That ad is a joke on that basis alone!

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