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November 06, 2009


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Sure talks about it a lot, doesn't he?


In his own words.
I want this un-American jackass impeached,found guilty,and deported to the muslim country of his choice.

He won't wear the American Flag pin any more. How in Gods name did he get elected to be the President with all of this information out there during his campaign?

Oh yeah, the white house media played it down and a large segment of people who voted for him don't watch news shows. They were too busy working for acorn and paying people to vote for hussein.


I couldn't watch the whole video... he makes me want to puke. I won't even waste time rebuking the lies of famous developments laundry list he attributes to Islam.

No need to keep the military fighting in the Mid-East. I see he goal clearly now. He does not want U.S. to succeed in the attempt to help stabilize the Mid-East countries... He wants the U.S. to fail. He simply will keep numbers of soldiers there to deplete resources.

He is the Islamic force that will destroy America. No need for terrorists attacks from outside... the foolish Americans have elected their destroyer.

I too want him gone. He was never and will never be an American. (I rarely use the word never... but its use in this instance is warranted)

What do they tell us? Islam is the religion of peace? Oh... is that why they've been at war for decades? Is that why they chop the head off of wives and daughters? Is that why they profess they will eradicate every infidel?

Osama Obama needs to GO!

Suburban Republican

Videos (It's a Change All Right -- BO on our nation) http://bit.ly/d5ffP The video says it all, and James T is on top of it again!! Spreading the word...


Joyce so well said.

hussein is first and foremost a narcissist, and all of his evil intent is just the frosting on the cake.

hussein's "do over" comments are even worse than what he said yesterday.

I am sure James will get it up here as soon as he can.
Talk radio is boiling. People want hussein gone now!

My last prayer every night is that he is removed from Office by this time next year. In my opinion it is the only way to end the sacrilege that he has brought against Our Country.


Joyce, Joyce, Joyce... What a religion is, and what the incompetent followers of it do in its name are two different things. Muhammad was a Divine Light as was Jesus and Bahaullah, etc. There are many rotten Christians and Bahais too; but we must "beware" as Jesus has told us, "lest we worship the lamp and not the light".


Amanda, please provide the scripture reference where Jesus said "lest we worship the lamp and not the light".

I am not remembering that one.

Also, please identify the last time a Christian beheaded anyone without any cause other than being an infidel.


Thanks Cookers. You Rock!


Yes Cookers thank you.

I can't wait to see Amanda's next post.


sadly amanda will not be back she has been caught in her ignorance


Why do people make things up and think no one will call them out on it?

I have screwed up and made mistakes on this site and I always come back and apologize or correct my mistake.

I hope Amanda does come back and explain how she came up with that quote.
And maybe expound on why she felt it related to hussein.


You won't be satisfied until we conquer all muslims and destroy islam will you.

This clip is another perfect example of your bullshit right wing rhetoric and misinformation.

O may be a narcassist. he may be implementing the same bullshit policies that Bush pushed for but he is not a freaking muslim.....

You guys really are crazy and while your bitching about how your president is a secret muslim that he is trying to convert and conquer america your republicans in congress and senate along with the dems are robbing you blind via the banks and mortgaging your childrens future.

WAKE UP. This is just bullshit that the right wing uses to trick the ignorant in to giving up their vote.

Politics have been reduced to using fear and tricking constituents in to voting their way.... its not even about intelligent discussion or facts or doing the right thing any more. Its about money and deception.

Don't be ignorant people. And yes that means you Christians especially.

America has been messing with this part of the world for decades. You don't think it is even slightly possible that O is trying to patch up relations after having Bush the cowboy in office for 8 years?

Don't be so hard on Amanda. Whatever religious figure preaches at her church prolly said that Jesus said that. You guys all have different rules and bibles, etc. Don't be so hard on her because she doesn't go to YOUR church.

Lone Wolf

Like Joyce, watching this video made me sick.

Hey Obama. Since you're so in love with the Muslims and Islam, I will make you an offer. I'll gladly spend my last dime on 1'st class, one way tickets for you and your family to get the hell out of America, never to return, and send you to the Muslim nation of your choice.

Lone Wolf


If anyone is crazy it's you.

"This clip is another perfect example of your bullshit right wing rhetoric and misinformation." Well, I guess you caught us. This actually wasn't Obama saying all of the things on this clip, it was actually a look-a-like actor hired by the right wing. And yes, all of what this actor said is not true and is 100%misinformation.

Get Real! When are people like you going to wake up and see Obama for what he is. That being a fascist, Marxist, socialist, communist wanna be and yes a Muslim.


"You guys really are crazy and while your bitching about how your president is a secret muslim that he is trying to convert and conquer america..." PROVE otherwise DavidB.

Question: Has any other American President said any of the things BHO has said on this video? Has any other American President called out, by name those who have opinions different than his? Has any other American President or his administration called American citizens (those who oppose his policies) "potential terrorists"?

DavidB. "WAKE UP" yourself. Unless of course you are not bothered by the indoctrination occurring in the schools. Mmmm. Mmmm. Mmmm.
Or if you believe that no one making under 250T will not be paying higher taxes. "NOT ONE DIME"


He is such a fake and no wonder he does not care about the 13 killed at Fort Hood.

James T.


I can give Amanda the benefit of the doubt. She is new to the conversation. You however choose to be uninformed and therefore are an ass.

For those of you who are new to the conversation, DavidB is that occasional fart that sickens everyone in the room.

Don't worry, the smell won't last too long.


"You guys really are crazy and while your bitching about how your president is a secret muslim"

hussein is not a "secret" muslim he is an outed muslim and outed by himself.
Now I don't know if you actually watched the above video but if you did and some how your eyes and ears can't comprehend the truth go to youtube and put in "obama muslim."
And then get back to us and let us know if all of those video's are just fake??

See you have it backwards. Watch the link below and tell me who is trying to
"conquer and destroy" who.



The majority of opinions as I read them were negative towards Obama and positive for our country...the U.S.A. So how do we all band together to fight this islam apology and U.S. gov't takeover?


I see some people want to play games. I never check back on the comments I leave. Actually. ( This was quite accidental) What an outpouring of hate! I wont cast my pearls before swine. Now we see whats really inside you just from some small comment made in defense of the messengers of God.(also to obviously point out that people are more inclined to act like this than follow their holy Teachers, the fact that Im writing this proves my point) You would think, by seeing what people have said to me, I was Anita Dunn talking about how much I like Mao Tse Tung! lol Just like Jesus said hypocrites! Hypocrites and vipers! Look how quick and eager they are to attack! Ahh Im sure you think your very pius. I bet you even call yourself Christians. No one is fooled here. Wolves in sheeps clothing, I can see you. And Im not afraid. Its amusing if nothing else. Ahh this is why I dont comment. Offhand I defend Muhammad, and Im not a muslim by the way... At least I have some people showing christ like behaviour. Thanks for defending me. Looks like the Catholic Church uses different translations. Maybe the old nun who said this had even a different translation! oh no, no one thinks of that. Just attack Amanda, call her ignorant. Yes I see you plainly hypocrites and vipers. Nice try. lol!


Amanda is obviously out of her depth.

She wants to school people on made up quotes in the bible and then freaks out when people question her.

And of course the ones that call others hypocrites are the true hypocrites. Nice slam on Catholics. No biase there right Amanda?

Yes I guess you are right. Best not to comment at all. This site is for "conversation" no matter what side of the issue you are on.

If you come here to comment and than never check back, what is the point?

You are confused but still welcome any time to join the conversation.


Wow - did he really say "assha ma malakam" or whatever it is??? I live in Philly, where you hear Muslims (mostly converts) say it to each other on the street a lot. My understanding was that it was only a greeting that one Muslim should say to another...


j, your understanding is spot on.


I have so many thoughts about the 4.5 minutes of the video I have watched, but here are just a couple.

BHO is so concerned about making sure that Muslims are able to exercise their religious rights in America, why is he not condemning the Muslims for their hard line against not allowing Christians, Jews and other faiths from freely exercising their religion in Muslim countries? I have direct knowledge of persecution and even martyrdom that has been perpetrated against Christian missionaries and Muslim converts to Christianity. Religion of peace, huh?

Wherever Christianity has gone, it has tended to bring authentic freedom with it. Wherever Islam has gone, it has tended to bring oppression.

When has BHO ever spoke in such glowing terms about the contributions of Christians and Jews in any speech he has ever made as he did about Islam?

He actually made the statement, “…my Muslim faith,” during one of the interviews (~1:00 of video). His father was a Muslim who he apparently spent time with in Indonesia. You cannot tell me that his father did not do his level best to instruct his son in the ways of his religion. It is folly to believe otherwise.

I gave very little credence to the conspiracy theories about BHO being a Muslim. I am very close to jumping on the conspiracy theory band wagon after see those clips and the words from BHO’s own mouth.


I am guessing you are upset with my response to your original post. I admit it was a little passive/aggressive in its tone and I apologize for that. But I am a lover of truth. Jesus is too. So much so that he made this claim in John 14:6. “I am the way, the truth, and the life.” His very character defines truth. My holy teacher cares about the truth and abhors deceit.

I asked you to provide the Bible reference for what you claim Jesus said. I am truly not familiar with what you claimed He said and even did a word search and did not find any sort of reference that came close.

My point. If Jesus did not really say what you claim He said, you are in error. I will assume you did so inadvertently. My purpose was to educate myself if you could provide the verse or to correct you to point out your error. Based on your response, it appears the pearls you were trying to cast before us pigs were fake.

Your subsequent response was to avoid my question and then attack the character of those of who are believers. “Hypocrites” and “wolves in sheep’s clothing”, were your words. I suspect you are unable to answer my original question. And I invite you to reread the comments with a cooler head. I did not detect the hate that you are claiming that followed your first post. No one called you ignorant as you claim. You are reacting with emotion because someone dared to disagree with your comments. I invite you to stand and defend what you wrote and do not attack those who are pointing your errors. If you are not afraid, as you claim, defend yourself.

And be careful defending Muhammad. I challenge you to do a study of the man’s real character and be willing to look at the dark side of this individual. I will state again, wherever Christianity has gone, it has tended to bring authentic freedom with it. Wherever Islam has gone, it has tended to bring oppression. There is a reason that these statements are historically true and it stems from both religions’ founders.

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