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November 22, 2009


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The Milwaukee Drum

It's to bad you cannot hear me applauding your commentary. I stand shoulder to shoulder with you on the abortion issue good brother.

It's the UGLY TRUTH and a MUTHAF_____ CRIME being committed against Black People and All Americans that this ish is legal! Pardon me, I didn't stay professional.

Have to run and post your vid on our site and send it out to my readers.


Debbie (debster7301)

Great video. Truth always prevails.


JT, did you make that video in 2008 before the election?

Patrick Dorwin



James thank you so much for doing this.
You brought history to my door step that I wasn't fully aware of before.
You did an excellent job!


You're fighting the good fight James. Yet, it's a steep, uphill battle for a people who've been conditioned to balme everyone else, or a society that does not feel any shame. I've often wondered if our society has devolved. The message seems to be that people are animals in heat, not higher, reasoning beings. So, have all the sex you want with no consequences. A simple procedure, and no more 'problem'. You're quite correct. Sanger would be proud.


"Take your soul to the poll."

Amen, brother.

Dan (BipolarNation.com)

Thumbs up!


Excellent video and message, well done.

Pre election, but well done.

I too, will post it on some other sites I frequent, as I have used your things so many times in the past, always acknowledging you, with links to this site or course.


When I said pre election, maybe it wasn't, sorry.

An excellent message still the same!

Michael H

Excellent video! Thank you, James. Hits the nail exactly on the head.

dana michelle

Possibly the election James is referring to is the April 2010 primaries(?)

That picture of Sanger being "saluted" by a room full of KKK disciples is chilling, and should be all that is needed to convince Americans of any color that this organization was not founded in the name of "family planing". Shame on any person of any color who would walk through those doors and hand 1 cent of their hard-earned money over to those jackals.

It makes me really sad to see Mr. Cameron's museum in such disrepair. From the stories I read about him while he was alive, I know how important it was to him, and it's very heart-breaking to know that his legacy has pretty much died along with him. I do hope that someone, somewhere will realize the value of his compilation. Maybe your video can help in some way.

dana michelle

Oops. Make that "family planning".

grrr. I hate it when I miss a typo!


I commented on Youtube, but not here, this video, is terrific. And I hope it is a start of more, sit downs where you illuminate a topic in a way only you can. Blessings James, and prayers that you continue.


Late chime-in... excellent video James T. Expect to see more from you in the future!

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