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November 01, 2009


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Her opponet Kasim Reed(Dem) is calling her a Republican and she is denying it and says she is an Independent.

White,Black, what ever. We have enough squishy Republicans as it is.

If any one wants to run as a Republican they have to prove to us that they are a Conservative. They better shout it loud and clear.
Other wise don't bother to apply for the position.

Our eyes are wide open and we are spreading the word.



Maddypie being republican has absolutely nothing to do with being a conservative. Conservatism is a movement, an ideology and a way of conducting government affairs. Republicans come in many different ideologies. Holding onto the label that has no eternal meaning is a waste of all of our time.

As for this woman, it matters nothing to me whther she is white or black, male or female, or dem or republican as long as she is an advocate for reason and responsibility.

Its about character and accountability. Those are the issues that need to be focused on more directly.


Legion, My point exactly.
Republicans have always been more historically
Since Ronald Regan we have seen a slow but sure slip to "moderate" and in the last 6 years out right candidates pretending they are Republican with strong Conservative views, only to have them be RINO'S.

What I am saying is no more!

Newt and company were complete idiots with dede scozzafava. Real people, real Conservatives knew she was a dem in moderate clothing.
And sure enough they back her she drops out of the race and than she endorses the dem candidate.
And newt has the nerve to say "I am saddened at her decision to back owens.
Sadden?? I Have have zero respect for him because of this stituation. He is brainless. He couldn't see what was right in front of his face but Conservatives could.

Yeah these lifer politicians have to go if they don't get Conservatism.
People like newt are useless to us. what is the point of backing candidates who say they are Republican just to try and get more seats in the House and the Senate? Because these fakers in turn vote with the dems.

All of our grass root gatherings have been just about this issue. People want Conservatives in the Republican Party. We need to go back to what Conservatism used to stand for and elect the people who share the same ideas and values into office.
And that Legion is what we are working on right now.

Lone Wolf

Right on maddypie!

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