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October 29, 2009


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I'm still amazed people think this is FREE. Where do they think the city, county, feds get the money to pay for the vaccine... and the people who administer the shot?


Many Americans have forgotten how to think for themselves. Some never learned the difference between right and wrong. A few believe strongly that they need not exert themselves to earn a living.

How did All that happen?


"Its Free"

Joyce you are correct. I am so used to people saying this that it almost didn't faze me. I know it is not "free" but I am getting used to people thinking this.

How do we change this?

Mary Roach

Maddypie...You can't fix stupid.....it never fails to amaze me how stupid people can be ! People forgot how to think !


I ain't getting that shot. period. Not going to do it, I don't trust my government on this one at all.


First of all when I was a child my parents had to chase me and hold me down just to be given a shot that I really did need.

My Mom died 9 years ago and my Dad is 87 years old, so I think I'm safe on this one!

So no I am not letting this communist government stick me with a needle.

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