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    October 26, 2009


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    Amen James, we all with you 100%

    Dan (

    THIS is the kind of thing we need to be talking about. Getting to the root of our social problems, like the breakdown of the family.

    I'm going to be writing a series soon on what I think would be the ideal country to live in, and I'll be using some parts of this post to talk about how that country's culture would look.


    James, I just want to say the story about those at risk children was an eye opener for me.

    By the time you finished I was almost in tears.
    A true family unit is what these children need.
    Parents of all races need to make their own lives valuable and respectable. This is what they will pass on to their children and than their children will pass it on to their own.

    That is how it works. I can trace this back in my own family ancestry and see that hard work, love, discipline, love of God, morals and common decency can guarantee that future generations will continue to carry on these standards.

    I know if you continue to go back and talk to these kids you will bring them a positive outlook and show them they do have other choices.


    James, I did hear most of the program on sunday and I must agree that is really the problem. My father was not around but my granddad kicked my butt into shape before he died. What bothers me is that it wasn't his job but he did it and man did he!

    Dan, we can't talk about it because that would mean someone was "wrong"! Today telling people that they are wrong will brand you a racist of the worst sort!

    Lone Wolf


    People like you who take the time to engage and enlighten our troubled youth is what this country needs more of.

    I couldn't agree with you more that Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton should just sit down and shut the hell up. Better yet, they should crawl back under the rocks they came out from and never be heard from again.


    This is so true. My nephew grew up without a father, and a mother who was mentally ill. My whole family pitched in to raise Joshua, we did the best we could, but we know how badly he needed a father and a mother. Today Joshua is married with two beautiful children, and he is a wonderful father. It is so important to him to be a part of his childrens life, to give them love and support to help them succeed.


    James, I want to tell you that yesterday's show especially about this topic was (in my opinion) your best yet. I know that these children have benefited from your wisdom.

    Maddie - Saukville

    I did think you were going to answer the question, What does the American of African Descent community have to do to turn things around?, with, listen to the wisdom of these so called at risk youths. And essentially, you did. It was touching. They've got it figured out, why are the "grown ups" clueless?

    Too busy drinking from their cups of sorrow, like the culture demands of them stupid.


    I listened to the broadcast yesterday too. We have much to learn from the kids themselves, and through their answers you've identified the crux of the issue.

    That said, the young men of African descent did not just wake up one day and decide they did not want to be responsible fathers or husbands. So why the change? I'm guessin' it was the liberal social programs put in place more than 40 years ago that made their role in the family obsolete. Free as a bird to come and go as they pleased with little if any responsibilities. How sad, Never to be needed... every person I know needs to feel needed.

    Soapbox Jill

    James, Would you say that the early welfare state was a big factor, if not the factor, in breaking up the black family? When government started paying women to have the babies, the dads became less necessary. You agree? THANK YOU for undertaking this issue. Shining light on the truth is the only way things can get better.

    Maddie - Saukville

    Amen Joyce, very nice.

    I don't know how it can't at least in part be responsible Jill.

    Sarah L.

    my husband grew up with out his father, in the inner city of Minneapolis and his older half brother was divorced, he was able to see his child once a year (she was in California, alcholic & he was too afraid to go to jail for his 3rd DUI.
    So at age 40 he killed himself (his daughter was 19). His younger brother is an alcoholic, has lost his teaching license, been to jail several times, has 2 daughters and one he will never see again because the mom divorced & ran away, and is not seeking child support so he won't be able to see his 3 year old again ... I saw this niece once & have not even seen a pic of her in the last 2 years ...
    these poor kids are in the middle of the DUMB things both parents do, but they do not have the choice and they need BOTH parents!
    Wake up & step up Dads and moms!

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