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October 30, 2009


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Absolutely NOTHING! I expected an inexperienced politician full of rhetoric to be an ineffective, incompent president. My expectations have been fully met.


Everything I expected is becoming fully realized to the fools that voted for him, or putting there heads deaper in the sand!


The only thing that I am surprised at is the horrifying speed in which he has started on the destruction of Our Country.

And I was actually very surprised that michy would get off Air Force One looking like a "bag lady" when she went to see the Grand Canyon.
Yeah you can take the woman out of the "low class" but you can't take
the "low class" out of the woman.


That BHO still is arrogant enough to think he can "get away with" destroying America... and we're all going to follow him over the cliff.

That he is proving time and again he has no work ethic... easier just to vote "present".

Also, that he thinks he can sell the presidency, much like the Clinton's: http://michellemalkin.com/

How dumb is this guy. Does he really think we aren't on to him?


That he cares so little about men he sent to a possible early death: http://pajamasmedia.com/blog/a-self-sacrificing-soldier-a-self-interested-president/

So, was it the rules of engagement that killed this soldier and the others on Oct 3... or did the indecision by a commander who doesn't know what the F*ck he's doing.

Voting "present" as president isn't the same as when he was a do-nothing senator.


Interesting... Where are his defenders on this? Silent as of this posting. Not surprising. Takes a while to come up with a defense against such monumental failure and mockery of the position of US President. Now that I've posted this, how long until one (or all) of us is called racist?


PC, No one will come here to defend hussein,especially not "spicey" jimspice.

spicey only trolls for ways to catch James T. in an error. And "bim" blackinmiami only comments on the articles that he can call us "hypocrites" for 3 paragraphs straight.
And if they can't say
"but but but Bush" then their silence is deafening.


Surprise: That BHO and his administration can infiltrate the RNC selection of candidates, and manipulate them when things turn sour.

Scozzafava just stuck a knife into the RNC and announced she's supporting Owen in NY-23. BHO and thugs are busy fellows... and their reach is boundless.


The GOP "good old boys" are the biggest fools ever.

Do you think they
"can hear us now?"

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