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    October 13, 2009


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    send them all to st johns military....whip there asses into obedience

    T. J.

    If you simply shut the school down, where will those students go. Tax money won't pay for St. John's.

    There is NO simple answer. Only more questions, and few people willing to to put in the work and take the heat for making change.

    We also need to hold the students responsible for their behavior and creating a climate of school violence.


    If you shut the school down, these bad kids will just infiltrate other schools and then the problem will just move.

    James T.

    Shut down the schools.

    If those students and their parents care about their education they will find a way to get it.


    The attitude of Milwaukee and the public school system needs to change. Students, teachers, and parents all have to get their act together.

    I don't know why we keep putting up with this crap. I see the tax/spending argument used--that are taxes are being used improperly. That is a good argument, but only on the surface.

    The implication of these outbursts and impending outbursts hurt all of us. It hits the kids that really want to be learning in class. This hurts the community of Milwaukee as a prospective city for people to move to. It hurts the community since we are educating non-performing students which has economic and social implications for the city.

    I agree with James here. We have pretty much exhausted every available outlet here. Time for the most drastic measures, cut losses for the thugs whose parents think this is daycare, and give the students who want a real chance at success go for it.

    If they want the education badly, they will find a way.

    Sarah L.

    MPS is a joke, my kids were at an MPS school we loved for years ... it was the teachers and parents that set the mood. Then a new principal who had a different agenda and a new teacher who verbaly abused children set that school up to fail too. After my husband tried a letter to understand the F she gave, I was attacked verbally, in front of the class, and said she wouldn't read my letter. We then had a meeting with the principal & withdrew the kids realizing that nothing was going to happen. BTW I volunteered for this teacher every week at least 4 hours and she had told the kids I was her twin & when I spoke it was like her speaking ...

    Sarah L.

    3 other kids withdrew after not being able to be placed in another classroom, parents lobbied for this teacher to be removed & I put in a complaint with a request for this teacher to be investigated ... nothing, she is still teaching the kids with having A students stand up and saying "the rest of you will be working in McDonald's" ... btw she is black & tried to go the racist route with us after saying some extremely racist things to me!


    First of all, what the heck is that kid in cuffs wearing to school? Or not wearing?

    And second of all, well there is no second of all.

    What's the point on commenting? Any rational, responsible human being knows what is wrong.

    I don't have the strength to name all of the things that need to be done to undo this.

    I will listen to any one who has a real game plan.


    In addition to "IT'S THE CULTURE"... it's much more than that.

    It is a generation of kids being raised by children who never grew up and took responsibility for their own misdeeds.

    It is a liberal school system that professes ALL need to be treated equally... no underachievers will fail, or for that matter learn (which is why it is children go to school ... to learn)

    It is a media that has leads such as this one referring to the incident at Vincent: "A 15-year-old student from Vincent High School was tased by Milwaukee police Tuesday morning." READS like the MPD is causing the problem by using a taser.

    It would seem that some believe the kids are misunderstood, lack skills because of their lifestyle of poverty, etc.

    I say STOP babying these kids. Teach them to be responsible for their actions. And if it takes a reform school to do this, so be it!


    Oh Joyce God Bless You.
    You said it all.
    I just couldn't do it. You are stronger than me today.
    You go Girl!

    T. J.

    Joyce, you said it best.

    I am getting angry at people so quick to point fingers while never putting a foot inside Vincent (or Bradley Tech, ect.)

    The students need to be held responsible for this. Teachers are no longer able to truly discipline. The police officers are not able to enforce the law without dancing through loop holes.

    As a community, we are lucky that a student was not murdered in the melee, as what happened a few weeks ago in Chicago.


    until the black leaders in this community stand up and point the finger at it's *failure* to denounce "ghetto culture" the demise will proceed. gutless leaders. plus four generations of kids having kids having kids having kids. most people see what is happening, but no one has any courage, and fear being denounced by their own race, which is understandable considering the fact that if you say anything out of step you will be shouted down and effectively removed from the discussion. this is almost unsolvable at this point without a huge pendulum swing.


    Amen ken. You bring up the one other part of the equation: the black leaders who refuse to admit what is going on... and worse refuse to change what is happening. Shame on them! They have been hurting, and keeping down generations of young Americans of African descent.

    Instead, many black leaders point the finger of blame at white America at what's wrong, in an attempt to stretch the guilt of slavery for a hundred years more. And, if we dare to speak up or balk at throwing more tax $$ on "fixing" the problems, we're called racists.

    Maddie - Saukville

    Where oh where has the safe schools czar gone? Oh where oh where could he be?

    MAYOR BARRETT: Take over MPS now! I'll give you my blessings to name a 'safe school czar' or whatever you want to call them for each and every building!

    Maddie - Saukville

    And like everyone else has said, it's the culture and now, we've had generation upon generation-it can only get worse on this course.

    MAYOR BARRETT: I'll even write cheesy songs for all the little children to sing in praise of your leadership!


    I attended Vincent the first year it opened (class of 83) and it was pretty good with only a few incidents of fights while I was there. 14 years ago I moved back to Milw and when it came time for my son to attend high school I got a small amount of tuition assistance through my church to send him to WISCO - thank God.
    I would have sent him to his dads in OK before I would ever have sent him to Vincent or any other MPS. It's been bad for years and I'm sad to see what has become of it.
    Until the parents start acting like parents and raising respectful and responsible young people these kinds of incidents will continue and probably get even worse.

    Lone Wolf

    I think Joyce hit the nail squarely on the head yesterday when she brought up reform schools.

    Maybe they should convert some of the existing MPS schools to reform type schools and that can be where all of the looney liberal teachers and the kids that don't want to learn are sent. Then when the trouble makers act up, they only affect other trouble makers.


    Lone Wolf, Great idea. I love the part of putting the lunatic lib teachers in with them.
    Its like killing two birds with one stone. LOL

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