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    October 20, 2009


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    Maddie - Saukville

    Maddypie, I do have to stand up for my Sensenbrenner. Possibly more than any member of the House, he must pick his battles wisely. He is too frequently the lone voice of reason as with giving $1k debit cards to anyone who said they were affected by Katrina not being a good idea while the rest of Congress was feverishly shoveling loads of cash into the incinerator. I've also spoken with him on Constitutional issues and there are so many of them, if there were ten Sensenbrenners, he wouldn't be able to address but a fraction of them.

    I know there is a level of 'its the best we can expect' there and I hate taking that position (how many times have I told elected officials who answered me with "it could have been worse" that that doesn't start to approach good enough so stop patting yourselves on the back already, I don't know?).

    I hear your frustration, sadly there aren't ten of him.

    So I had to go to the matt for him but I want to say also, that I'm willing to give him up if we could:

    FIRE CONGRESS. Every single member, systematically. TERM LIMITS. Replacements will have a finite period in office. ORDINARY CITIZEN REPRESENTATIVES. We must also find a way to bring the elite down to our level so that the most common (and common sense) Americans have an equal opportunity to win any given seat in the House or the Senate.

    Granted, I am not certain how we go about that but we common Americans are damn wise and most of us do actually have common sense unlike the vast majority of either the House or Senate, so I know we can do better.

    The system is broken beyond repair with the tools we have. We need to fix it, so we need some new tools.

    Paul Ryan, another excellent man in the House who knows who he works for-subjecting his calibre of representation would be a shame but I feel it necessary-again, he is one vote among hundreds.

    Welcome back D! Things haven't been the same without you (strangely grounded for some reason)! ;)

    And 90%? On a bad day maybe, bad for us that is. Argument for arguments sake is almost always a weak argument.

    Maddie - Saukville

    I meant to point out also, that as far as I know, he is the only member of Congress who is edited on what he says in newsletters to his constituents. A recent example, "Tax and Spend" not allowed, changed to Cap and Trade, "Obamacare" changed to public option. So much the Constitutionality of the First Amendment.

    Jason Michonski

    Sad when folks vote to come out of the dark ages and truly want to vote on issues instead of the letter following the name, only to be put back in the corner by the Fed. The Federal gov't is not supposed to interfere with state or local gov't unless there is civil unrest.


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