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October 29, 2009


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Hahahaaaa ... and the gasoline... sad to say, been there, done that...and the paint chips taste so good.

And if there were no sex? Why...I'd be one grumpy person. Booty Priest, please tell me we are not going to end up in a world without sex! For the Love of All That is Holy!

Good job yesterday, BTW!


JTH you spend way to much time on the net finding this stuff... go the gym or run a couple miles... or will you miss your MAC or iPhone too much.

And what were you doing in Philly behind that reporter?


James T.


You're right! I'm out... for now!


That's my neighborhood... Go Phillies!!! Also, I'm Polish... so this video encapsulates me I guess...


James!! How did you find this guy? I went to his youtube site and watched a couple others, had to laugh. Certainly not meant for the Church Lady's ears that's for sure!!

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