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October 30, 2009


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Lone Wolf

Who really cares what Stink thinks? Sounds to me like he may have a man crush on Obama just like Chris Matthews. I wonder where Stink is getting his tingle?


Oh little stink-o is only trying to get his "I'm a celebrity pay attention to me" time.

Michael Douglas was in Cuba the other day doing a very public walk around tour, but no news yet on his political view of Cuba or Castro.
And guess what?? Not to be out done Sean Penn was in Cuba too. Yeah he wanted to talk to Castro but was unable to do so. :(

But have no fear Sean zipped over to Venezuela and had a nice cosy chat with Hugo and according to the article brought home a personal message for hussein.
I think it read "hussein I love you and miss you dearly. When do you think you can get away from michy again?"

Gee Michael and Sean, the "has been" movie stars embarking on self appointed ambassador careers.
Tell me how much is the "master" paying you for these gigs?


How is it that Sting refers to God, but yet has declared he doesn't believe in God? Isn't that instanity? Isn't that like professing the Easter bunny "lays" chocolate eggs?

Lone Wolf

I don't believe in Santa but I'm getting my chimney cleaned Dec. 20th so I'll get lots of presents this year.

Joyce, Stink is just spewing the usual lefty double talk and because he thinks he's a big star everyone wants to know what he thinks no one will question him.


"I don't believe in God, but I believe Obama was sent by God -- yeah the same one I just said I don't believe in but it sounds more profound when I say it that way, doesn't it? ..."

Another overpaid celebrity trying to tell us what to think. Bleh.


Sting is someone who habitually goes over the top, whether in his music or his politics. This instance is no exception.

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