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October 29, 2009


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This is my reply to your comment on TMD...


Sad ain't it? But not surprising to me.

This is a Liberal, Democratic takeover. If this was a Republican Mayor and Governor pulling this stunt do you think Black Democrats would be so easily used as pawns? And you know the issue of race would be pouring out of our ears by now. Why isn't this a race issue currently? It's never a race issue anyway, it's a power issue. Liberal, White Democrats own Black Voters/Black Politicians so they feel they can do whatever they want.

Wouldn't happen to Jewish voters, Hispanic voters and damn sure wouldn't happen to Conservative voters (see NY Dist. #23 race). These groups would already have recall petitions signed and ready to run these people out of office and get people in there that do what they want.

I'm just saying too.

James T.

Dude! We've found common ground!


My man the world is round not flat...


Why would a segment of the population continue to keep politicians in office that do nothing to improve or change the status quo in THEIR communities?

Because they have been taught to accept the hand outs as a way of life.
They have been programmed to believe that if a politician shares the color of their skin and grew up in the same neighborhood, than surely they have YOUR best interest at heart.
And like wise if a politician has different color skin they will never have your best interest in mind.
They have been taught not to question or have their own thoughts on how to
change/improve things.
They have been taught that only OTHERS know better what is best for them.

They have lived from generation to generation thinking it is natural to let others make decisions for them.

They have been groomed for years by "lifer" power hungry politicians who keep them in place, and yet at the same time pretend they are working HARD for them and their families.

Is there any one honest out there that wants to change this? Some one who wants to give the power back to the people? Some one who wants to show that their are better choices?

Is there any one out there who wants to encourage these communities to question every one and every thing?

Is there any one out there who thinks it is time to make the people in these communities responsible for themselves and their families?

The pride that comes from being involved and having a voice and using it is PRICELESS!

Now why wouldn't an honest politician want to see that in the people he represents??

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