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October 17, 2009


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Excellent video.

silent E

Good stuff... Swiped it!!!!

Sarah L.

now they see it?
where were they a year ago when this happened to you?


Thank you for posting. I missed the show, and my friend told me about it, but I couldn't find the clip. I'm going to share this!


He's a joke


I am getting this out to every one I know.

Thanks James for posting this!!

Lone Wolf

It's always the same story with the left. Living the double standard life. I hope Rush is considering suing ALL of people who've slandered him.

Until people start being held accountable for what they say this kind of BS will only intensify against anyone who disagrees with the policies of our current administration.


lynda. Who's HE? Juan, the Rev, Rush? WHO?

And more importantly, WHY? Explain your statement.


Saw this Friday night. Gotta love "the Hutch." So glad you found it! Posted this page to our website: Video (Alinsky Rules in Play - Juan shocked) http://bit.ly/d5ffP


What a wake up call for Juan. The world loves you as long as you go along, but the minute you go against the grain your a house n*gga or porch m*nkey. Hey Juan, join the group!

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