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    October 01, 2009


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    Awesome :)

    My boyfriend threw me a "I thought you were a conservative!" a few months ago when we were at Harrington Beach and I picked up some plastic trash. I explained that conservatives pick up trash; liberals get angry that there isn't a government program paying somebody else to pick up trash. Feel free to add that to your list :)

    Dan (

    A conservative sees a free economy and says "Oh, good, opportunity!" and gets to work.

    A liberal sees a free economy and says "Where's my opportunity already?" and sits still.

    Sarah L.



    If a conservative wants the best education for their child they support school vouchers, deciding where and how to educate the child.

    A liberal wants to increase funding to a failing public school system, increase teacher salaries regardless of how they perform... and call for smaller class sizes... which BTW is what they called for 35 years ago when my oldest child was in kindergarten! Progressive?


    I really like this post. Really.

    Lone Wolf

    If a conservative disagrees with governmental policy they research, call their representatives and voice their opinions.
    If a liberal disagrees, oh wait a minute, liberals don't disagree they just follow blindly.


    Liberal vs conservative


    interesting post BiM, thanks for the food for thought.


    Good post BiM. I have read "Philosophy; Who Needs It" and recommend it highly to anyone interested in freedom and liberty.


    it cant get any more biased than this


    its the other way around

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