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October 30, 2009


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The bill looks like a lot of trees died.


This pig of a bill represents the insane lengths that the lunatic libs will go to just to get their way.

Any Bill by ANY Party should not even be 200 pages long let alone 1,990.

When a Bill exceeds a reasonable length you can only come to one conclusion.
It is packed with legalese wordage to hide the real intent of the bill.
Also it will be full of things that have nothing to do with the original Bill. Which you can bet your ass will benifit certain members of the lib party.


I honestly feel I could commit acts that were as insane as the Moonbats did against Bush.
I am sick of elected officals telling me they know what best for me.
I have a mommy and a daddy and would rather have a pack of wolves then a Liberal taking care of me. The wolves would be more dependable and less in my business than a liberal would.

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