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September 28, 2009


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Maddie - Saukville

Couldn't say it any better. I like Tom Barrett, he's a nice guy.

I'd like to see him stay put and take over MPS, something that is tragically overdue. If things in Madison don't change, Milwaukee is going to be a dead city. Assuming a Governor Walker, I think business will come back to the state and maybe the city (a tax island though it be). One of the things that business will look at in Milwaukee is education so we need someone to finally turn the school district around.

My ultimate fantasy would be Mayor Hines, MPS Czar Barrett, Governor Walker. Super ultimate-put David Clarke in the Mayor's office. I do respect Mr Hines however given the leadership he has shown on some recent dark days. I'd think he's a benefit to the community whatever position he held.

Dan (BipolarNation.com)

If Barrett were to run, it could potentially have the positive effect of galvanizing a lot of conservative support around ONE candidate (cough Scott Walker cough). But I'm thinking I might rather just have smaller names run on the Dem side.


Though I no longer live in Milwaukee I would love to see a strong decisive Mayor replace Mr. Barrett.
Yes he is a nice guy but in my opinion not suited for political office. And as far as being in charge of turning the school system around, I would have to see his passion and common sense ideas before I would hand over those reins.
Our State is such disaster thanks to diamond jim and a majority of "nanny" libs in office. The under handed behind closed doors things they have done to our State in the past 9 months is going to take a lot of undoing and re-working.
We need strong leadership with positive ideas and long term visions to bring our State back to being prosperous and gets people back to work.
Scott Walker is the man to do that. Any one the Dems throw out there will be sub-par and they can fight amongst themselves as to who the front runner should be.
In the mean time Mark Neumann is who we have to be concerned with.

Maddie - Saukville

Go Barbara Lawton!!!

I seriously fear that Mark Neumann could be the Mark Green of 2010. And I still don't get his motivation?


Maddie, Neumann is so far under the radar right now that I don't think HE knows what his motivation is.
I think it is a toss up for him right now. Does he want his new "smart homes" to take off, or does he want to be the Governor of Wisconsin?
Mark Neumann, Please stick to building homes so Scott Walker can re-build our State. Thank You!

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