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    September 23, 2009


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    Lone Wolf

    Am I mistaken or wasn't Bush "democratically elected?" Where were these two self rightious a-holes and what were they reporting on when all the protests and nazi references and progaganda for killing Bush was out there?

    This kind of crap is one of the main reasons I am on the right. I am 100% fed up and sick and tired of the lib's holier than thou attitude!!!!!!


    It won't be long to befroe you are disgusted, utterly disgusted with the Right. It's called politics Wolf; the hypocrisy there is even more glaring, you just don't see it yet. Watch FOX news and listen to Ms. Bachman a while longer.

    Take for eg. you guys here. So many of your post decry racism, but strange enough, you guys are so quick to call people racist. I just finished reading some of the responses to 'Here We Go Again'. Every last one of you accused the dude of being a racist. Cookers said,and I tend to agree with him, that racism is a condition of the heart. Until you know a man's heart, you can't truly claim he is racist. But so often people on both sides of the divide (yes I said it, THE DIVIDE) are so quick to throw labels around, the same labels they themselves so despise.

    Now you see the hypocrisy? It's Politics Wolf, Politics!


    Blacked out in Cuba town.

    Corrupt politicians are in both parties, no duh. So that makes it OK for the current Post Turtle, to run amuck with the USA and run it further into the ground? Take the blinders off idjut.

    Last October, you posted the downright most hateful things, at James that a MAN or WOMAN could have ever posted.

    Did he ban you? Obviously not.

    You think with your skin color. Your IQ rivals your shoe size.

    Go stay at one of your bleeding heart, I'm a stupid F liberal sites and stay the H away form here from now on.

    You do not even have the respect of anybody here, to post even contrary thoughts on this site.

    Bye Bye


    bim get real lunatic libs started the name calling and are taking it to ridiculous heights.
    When I am exercising my right to peacefully protest and ask questions of the people who represent me, and I am called a racist every minute of every day(and that is besides teabagger(porno ref.)nazi, and too many more names to mention, you bet I am going to realize that the side calling the names ARE the racists. And they want racism to NEVER die other wise they can't play the card any more. They want us divided, and not divided by health care or carbon emissions, they want us divided by race.
    You mistakenly take this for them voicing your feelings but believe me they have no intention of making any thing better for black people.
    Come on, well intentioned people and opportunist politicians have been trying for over forty years to help black people and they and yourself keep saying more more more, we need more, it aint working.
    Because the libs that put these programs into place want them to fail. It is a big facade. If some thing isn't working after 40 years it is so obvious why it isn't. How can you not see that?
    I have been taxed to death all of my life for all of these great programs but guess what??
    lunatic libs say it isn't enough
    bim please tell me When will it be enough.
    You are a teacher right?
    Tell me what has been wrong all of these years that you want to claim nothing has changed to help people better themselves.
    I am absolutely disgusted with all of this bull shit.
    I have nothing left to give, I am tapped out.

    Lone Wolf


    Yes politics is full of hyprocisy. I will totally agree with you on that point. That will never change. It's the mainstream media that's got me so riled up.

    Channels like MSNBC couldn't put a fair slant on a story if their very lives depended upon it. I know of many older poeple who, unfortunately, take what they see on channels like this at face value and truely believe that everyone on the right is a terrorist, racist, bigot and everything else we are being called daily.

    I would bet if you watched FOX News for a while, you would probably feel the same way I do. It would be great to see unbiased, non-slanted, fact based news but I quess I better get my own ticket to fantasy land for that.


    Sailin Todd,

    I don't even know where to begin because it is so difficult to respond to nothing. You obviously are new to this site and have not learned anything from your fellow conservatives bloggers on here.

    I am usually also not bothered by name calling, when it is accompanied by substance. I have read your posting on here, and frankly, I was never moved to respond to any. That is how seriously void I consider them. Not to mention that the links you so excitedly post on here are as disgusting to me, as Derek's were to some folks on here

    In the mean time, I will hang on until JT sees it fit to ban me; however I don't think that will be anytime soon. Despite our rocky start, and hasty, hateful rhetoric, JT and I have found mutual respect, even when we disagree vehemently.

    I am a liberal at heart, I hold very liberal views on most social, economic and defense issues and I understand you do not. Does that make you more intelligent, less slow to anger, less passionate about what we believe and less American than me? I think not.

    I read several conservative blogs and I respectfully state how I feel, usually with facts and logic. I don't think dismissing me from National Conversation does either of us any good. I am also of the opinion, (and correct me if I am wrong, since you seem to know that I am not welcomed here) that JT intended this medium to be a place for worthwhile arguments and heated discussion. Why be so hasty to ban dissent in opinion? Isn't that the self same American Ideal for which you so vigorously and vociferously oppose the President?

    I have had my moment of introspection, Sailin Todd, yours will come soon, I hope. I can't attest to your level of immaturity, or even intelligence for that matter, and I won't swim with you in the quagmire, but I doubt it rises to anything near adult.

    Like you, Tom Tancredo had similar sentiments for us down here in Miami. He said South Florida was a banana republic and some other crazy comment not fitting a man of his status. So now I see the trend. Is it a conservative opinion that the folks who do not live in America's Heartland, those of us who are little more urban and may I add sophisticated, are less American? Were these the same views Sarah Palin touted during the campaign, the Real America vs the large Urban centers of the East Coast? The same view John McCain's brother held, (or still hold) when he stated that the citizens of Northern Virginia were not real Americans?

    Now, I won't call you racist Todd. I will just assume that you are so Anti Cuba that you wish We Americans in South Florida would instead relinquish our citizenship and secede to the Big Island(CUBA).

    Todd Most of South Florida don't look like you, or even me for that matter. I know you have nothing against them, and I know your statements here are not an indictment on their ethnic differences. Todd, it behooves you to think before you write, or whatever it is that you do on here. A bit of very good advice I heeded last fall, right here on the National Conversation. We have adult posting on here dude, if you are not up to par take some time out.

    And if I might add, it is


    It might not be your fault though, in the science of Reading they call it lack of visual analysis, something akin to some cognitive deficiency.

    James T.


    Your voice will always be welcome on the National Conversation. You are the living example of my motto, "conversation is the spice of life!" Our new friend Sail'nTodd will settle in...

    Like you did. :-)

    Until then, welcome to my world!

    I appreciate your opinion and how we have come to mutually respect each other as well.

    You are the reason that I've become so tolerant on this site. If BIM can moderate... The whole world can become conservative!!

    Well... I'll settle for civility.


    Todd, I understand where you are coming from. And unlike bim I enjoy your comments and heartfelt disdain at the communist turn Our Country is taking.
    After all of the hate filled comments posted to James last year it is hard to continue to converse with people who's values and ideals are so opposite to ours.
    In my opinion James is the ultimate example of turning the other cheek. He wants to give every one the benefit to voice their views.
    But make no mistake James is NOT a fool. No one can cross him like that twice.
    If bim wants to comment here he is welcome. I will never agree with hussein being our dictator and ruling our lives. It seems bim must want that kind of world here because he backs up hussein.
    I just let bim be the kool aid drinker.
    Please continue to comment here and don't let bim get to you. You have much value here and bim is just a big reminder of what we must never let ourselves turn into.
    I am not saying he is evil like hussein, I am just saying that he is so desperate to see change that he is willing to let Freedom go.
    He just can't see where all of this is leading us.


    BiM may be liberal but he is still one of us. He is a reasoned rational individual who just doesn't happen to look at the world the way many of us here do. we are all served best by discussing the issues of the day here with people who do disagree but have real substance to their argument and point of view. I hope none of you forget that. there is no need to get angry with a different opinion, or resort to histerics or childish slurs, when we can get to the root of what we think and why we think it. We all benefit from this, on both sides.

    you keep doing a great job, thanks for providing this forum for us all to meet and exchange our ideas and thoughts. Bless up.

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