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September 20, 2009


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Hi James,
I was at the Tea Party yesterday and was so excited to see you speak. I love your radio show. Thanks for all you do and being a voice for the hard-working American people that make this country great.

Lone Wolf


I also was at Veterans Park yesterday and it truly was inspiring. I made an extra effort to roam through the crowd, estimated at between 8 to 10 thousand, during the numerous speakers specifically to read the signs and posters that many people had brought and like you, I did not see a single one that was racist. If anyone states different, they are wrong!

One sign I saw in particular summed up the nonsensicle accusations that the left are throwing at us. It read "It doesn't matter what my sign says, I'll still be called a Racist!"

Isn't that the truth!!!!!!!

I want to personally thank you, all the speakers, Americans for Prosperity for putting this all together and those of you on this site who were able to attend for attending this great event and making it a wonderful, peaceful day.

For those of you who wanted to go but couldn't attend, I hope you will be able to attend the next one. And for those of you who berate and belittle this event, that's your right and I can respect that. But count your percieved blessings because momentum is gaining in this movement and things are going to change.


Lone Wolf well said. I saw the "It doesn't matter what my sign says, I'll still be called a Racist!" too and wish I would have taken a picture of it.
But the written word and pictures mean nothing to our detractors. They ignore us and blast us with lies. It must be a pitiful existence for them to see nothing they do can stop us. And the more they try the more our numbers grow.


It doesn't matter what they say about us, or what they call us.

We all know the truth.

Let us use the truth as our weapon and steel us in our resolve. Allow it to be our guide.


James it was great day with wonderful speakers. Thank you and everyone that spoke. It was a great afternoon.

how sad for the DI of the world need to boost themselves up by tearing others apart..I pity them.
I respected Democrats right to protest against a war you don't believe in. I thought you were wrong but I respected it.
How small must you be to protest people who want American values of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness? Who believe that growing the debt 4 times it average is bad? That believe that the people elected to congress should write the bills instead of special interest groups? That congress should read the bills before the voting?

or I am sorry I am un-American to hold my government accountable for their actions? I guess I should give up now like you did when Bush was president? Oh that right you didn't. Don't be surprised when we don't either.


Sure hope your children were there with you. What a day for them to remember!


Thank you James T... well said. I was there too, with daughter and grandsons.

It was a family event that hopefully will be remembered by the very young in the crowd, that these are the people that spoke loudly for our freedom to be a free people.

This is the crowd of hope and change I can believe in. We the people can make a difference, and bring change to Washington DC. We have the power, not the self-defined ruler politicians.

Mary Roach

I would have loved to have been there....to hear James AND Michelle and Joe speak in person would've been wonderful ! I would love to see pictures if anyone could post them ! Thanks James for all that you do!


James, I cited you and a few others in a facebook (apparently) war-off with a now former friend, who I knew off that site, who called the Tea Partyers racist and cited Carter. I calmly called him out for his remarks. I put the Rev.'s video that you recently uploaded and he got personal. I gave link after link about Carter and other patriots like yourself. Then I stopped. Even after he posted about 10 more replies, I read or said nothing. Then I got unfriended and told I gave a diatriabe. See how Obama is such a uniter? Yes these "friends" are black. And no amount of links to facts or people I support such as yourself mattered. You see we are dealing with a deeply ingrained psychological condition. Very sad.


I was out of town, and very sorry I missed it. When is the mext one?


I've been to tea parties in Madison, Sheboygan and Milwaukee and they just keep getting better and better. Thanks to you, Michelle Malkin, Joe the Plumber, all the other inspiring speakers and AFP for organizing the event. I can't wait for the next one, no matter what the weather.


Todd, I can let you know. Also you can get information from the link below. It is part of the Wisconsin chapter of Americans For Prosperity which helps inform people of rallies.



Papa Z

I'm sorry that I was unable to go! What a great event!

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