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    July 04, 2009


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    Crazy? The reaction ranges from bewilderment to WTF on both sides. Put that on the media all you want, the fact is, she didn't win any supporters with that announcement... (which is hilarious BTW. The amateur camera work, waterfowl sounding off, topped off by Palin's own unsteadiness and unique incoherence)

    She can go make all the popcorn she wants. But no one's laughing with her. They're laughing at her.


    The delusions in that blog are pretty funny though.

    Running for president is hard from Alaska? THE ELECTION IS NOT FOR 3.5 YEARS. She doesn't have to do ANY running for a long time. I don't even think she can legally raise money for it yet.

    There is a difference between not running for relection and resigning 3.5 years out from an election. 1.5 years away from any real campaign building.

    the move is being called surprising and speculation is running rampant BECAUSE WHAT SHE DID IS IRRATIONAL. The fact her followers can't grasp this concept doesn't surprise me. If rationality factored into any part of their decision making, they wouldn't be Palin followers in the first place (name one conservative accomplishment of palin's... not getting an abortion?). But yes, it's these sorts of people that are palin's biggest detriment. They're basically enablers.


    Sarah is indeed getting the last laugh. And she did it with class and a smile.

    No need to bad mouth. No need to explain her decision. Those who believe in her, her principles and values are not questioning her.

    Too bad. So sad. Her enemies are stunned. What fools.


    "Those who believe in her, her principles and values are not questioning her."

    I guess most of the united states isn't made of people that believe in her or her principles then.


    But I'll say this, if you drop the assumption that she's going to stay in politics, then her resignation makes sense. She'd still be a quitter and weak willed person... but she wouldn't be an irrational idiot.


    Wise people talk because they have something to say; fools, because they have to say something. ~ Plato

    James T.

    "Too bad. So sad. Her enemies are stunned. What fools."

    Derek's not stunned! He knew that this was going to happen. Derek knows all things, which makes him the irrational idiot!


    You can't predict crazy.

    What's next... when she gets hit with some new scandal in the coming weeks am i still going to be reading Palin ridiculousness from conservatives?

    Oh I hope so.


    Al Giordano nailed it...

    "Being an ex-governor is sort of like being a community organizer... except you have no actual responsibilities!"


    Love it, James. Thanks! Well said by both you & Josh Painter. Happy Independence Day, bro. My turn to go back to enjoying it. God bless everyone who fought bravely so that I am free today to be with my family peacefully. Again: great post. Thanks!


    Alright, now I know the rumor mill was churning about some Palin and some federal indictments, and the story was decently plausible... but I just swept it away. Palin is a magnet for innuendo and BS. Reminds me of Bush actually. Got to take every rumor with a grain of salt

    But now i see this:

    "Gov. Sarah Palin’s attorney threatened Saturday to sue mainstream news organizations if they publish “defamatory” stories relating to whether Palin is under federal investigation."

    You can't be serious.

    I'm perfectly willing to leave things like this alone (i mean, the rumor only appeared on small blogs) but Palin can't EVER leave well enough alone. She FEEDS these things. Now instead of being a rumor on the dailyKos, it's on a major mainstream media site like Politico. Hilarious. I still don't believe any indictments are coming, but she's just so politically incompetent.

    Satisfaction... right.


    Actually does anyone think maybe she's being a good parent. It's obvious the press is not just gunning for her they are going after children, and refuses to stop. Maybe she's being a mom first. I know in this age of Maury paternity tests the idea of parents not wanted their children publically heckled is odd, but it's perfectly normal to sheild your children from attacks by any mean possible.

    And i know very few politically incompetent people with and 80% approval rating until she became a threat to Obama and the democrats in her state went rabid. These people are trying to bankrupt his woman financially with frivolous law suits. I question the sanity of obama voters to this day because of their completely irrational behavior towards anyone they feel is a threat to thier Jim Jones.


    Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now

    Is changing its name to:

    Community Organizations International

    I bring this up here because we have acorn contributors on this site and I just want everyone to know they have a new name.

    Sarah is and has been a big objective in their organization, she is a big worry to them.

    Her announcement has renewed their chance to slander and attack her, to continue to make her a joke. They make up their own stories as to what her motives are and then criticize her for them.
    Not only do they make it up then they try and make us defend the fictitious statement.

    The levels and chain of command for acorn are many. Their helpers are given certain areas to focus on.

    This new name is ridiculous and adding the
    "international" obviously leads to many questions. What other nations do they represent??

    I just want people on this site to realize that all is not what it may seem.

    Sarah is doing what she thinks is right for herself and family. I support her in what ever she does.
    The "acorn" poster will tie us in to every move she makes and claim we are as foolish, stupid, unbalanced, greedy (take your pick)as she is.

    Whether or not you buy what I am saying here I would say keep in mind who you are really posting with and call them out on it every time.

    Let the maddypie2 bashing

    Danny Inferno


    Sarah Palin has quit her job as gub'ner because it's been cramping her style. Really, I KNOW! ...if you can't stand the heat in Juneau....


    James T.



    I always knew ACORN was a bunch of NUTS... no wonder they have to change the name!

    Makes one stop and wonder why the change unless of course its to distance the org (in the minds of sheeple) to their fraudulent and illegal acts.


    Absolutely Joyce.
    They have so many individuals(14)being charged and many of the offices around the Country being investigated that they think they can just change their name.
    Aren't fascists just the dumbest funniest people on earth!



    Our president already beat palin.

    Catch up.

    Danny Inferno


    ACORN was last years zombie meme ...oops, I forgot about Glenn Beck and his glassy-eyed legion of feinds.


    not just last year. the election before that and every year since ACORN has been around. GOP, if you haven't gotten rid of them in 20 years, maybe it's time to move onto bigger fish.

    But the thing is, republicans desperately want to believe they are the ones with the true populist movement and Dems just have ACORN. But the truth is the opposite. The dems have the real movement with the people (well, obama does, the rest of the dems ride the coattails) and the republicans have the astroturf.


    Its only a four letter word.
    I guess I can see how it might really agitate some unbalanced people.
    But it is their allegiance.
    Moaning and groaning while you hide your membership card in your wallet is nothing more then being a
    "silly fascist".


    Like i said, politically incompetent:

    "most outlets had shied away from the story, which had been making the blog rounds, until her lawyer sent out a letter warning the press in general -- and HuffPo, MSNBC, WaPo and the NYT in particular -- not to touch the story, which pretty much compelled everyone, including POLITICO, to write about the rumors in the course of reporting on the letter"

    It's one thing to have a quick response team. That's actually a really good idea. The Obama war room/response team was great. It's another to draw attention to things no one important is even talking about and FORCE the MSM to cover it.

    You want to know a big difference between Palin and Obama? Obama gets way better political advice.

    Danny Inferno


    "You want to know a big difference between Palin and Obama? Obama gets way better political advice."

    Both are hugely popular cultural icons that transcend politics.

    Palin needs a Rove-type to do the hard math that it takes to get a 51% total out of disparate wedge issues.


    Derek = PDS

    23 posts to this point, of which 10 are atributed to Derek. That's 43%. And he posts two entries at a time.



    Right, because governors resign all the time and i should just view this as normal like you conservative sheep out there.

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