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June 05, 2009


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More people call themselves pro life than ever before.

Yet Roe v. Wade support hasn't budged.

My explanation for that is the fact that prolifers engage in such ridiculous rhetorical tactics that they manage to set rhetorical terms, but their actions and ideas lack moral rigor so no one actually cares about their position. It's a genocide but we're going to ignore the refugees of said genocide (unwanted children). It's a genocide but here's our proposed law, 5 years for performing an abortion no punishment for getting one. blah blah blah. It's unpersuasive nonsense.

James T.

Derek = Bla, bla, bla.



morally I am with

but this is where being a Conservative gets hard, I have to say legally Obama is doing the right thing.

sadly there is only one way to stop abortion and that is to make it so every mother WANTS to go full term. This goes beyond just abortion. think of the millions of babies who's mother did drugs of any kind and will never have the chance of being "normal"

or even the millions of babies that where born to mothers who where malnourished.

this battle for the lives of the unborn should not be limited to just one aspect of it because they all revolve around caring for the mother.


What a weird analogy. Unless you are running refugee camps, you have no right to save people from dying in a war.

That aside, I never understand where you get the impression that prolifers do nothing to help the "refugees."


"What a weird analogy. Unless you are running refugee camps, you have no right to save people from dying in a war."

That's not the analogy because you really aren't saving anyone. You're doing the equivalent of tut tutting and writing a letter to the UN,


I don't know if any of you have heard of Alex Jones, some people think he's a kook some people think he's a hero but he has a documentary called "End Game: Blueprint for Global Enslavement" and he touches on the eugenics movement in the early half of the twentieth century and the Rockefellers involvement in it. Planned Parenthood was spawned from this movement. Part of the eugenics movement goal was to eliminate humans that had undsireable traits from the gene pool. Kind of like artificial selection, well it is artificial selection. The documentary is heavy on conspiracy just letting you know in case that isn't your cup of tea.


Derek, you are not going to see people helping pregnant moms and families adopting needy kids from your parents basement.

You need to get our more.

I know many of both and have supported some myself. I assume those type of people just don't run in your circle.

Frank Unraveled



You'll need a Constitutional Amendment to outlaw birth control and/or first & second trimester abortions.


I suppose I will pose it as a question now. Derek, I really would like to know, where do you get the impression that prolifers do nothing to help the "refugees"?


Danny plesis Vs Ferguson was settled law too but Brown Vs board of education changed that. Settled law isn't always settled especially when it is based on feelings and emotions as opposed to law and facts.

As for kids being normal or loved, the sad truth is no one is promised anything in life. some people have miserable lives, some people endure horrible conditions and upbringing while growing, but the laternative to kill them is not one that makes much sense. Great art, music and contributions to society are made by epople who experience just such lives. People should be able to live, and if there is one government program I would support, it would be support programs for orphans/unwanted kids. Life is sacred and all should be given the chance to live it. If those who experience such childhood tragedy have horrible lives, I will apologize to them personally because their suffering is a sacrifice needed that more of us can be born and live and contribute to the greatness of humanity and the advancement of the culture. Maybe just maybe, some will glorify God the father and that is in and of itself a worthwhile goal.

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