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    May 07, 2009


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    Link needs fixing. One too many http:'s in it.

    James T.

    Done. Thanx!


    I teach part time at UWM. Behavior that has been puzzling to me is the self-segregation and absenteeism among the African-American students in class. This behavior seems self destructive given that attendance is half the grade in the class and being in class would seem to be the easiest way to ensure a decent grade. I can understand feeling like " a stranger in a strange land" and feeling more comfortable with those like us, but almost purposely not trying has been baffling to me.
    Recently I read Shelby Steele's "The Content Of Our Character". He noticed the same behavior in his college classes and set out to try to solve the mystery.
    His book was very interesting and enlightening.
    No matter what the government tries to do to "help" every man must stand up for his own life and to the extent he does, he is free.
    In Prof. Phillips piece he seems to be suggesting that it is unfair to use SAT scores as a criteria for enrollment in college.
    Is he suggesting that it is unfair to expect people of color to be able to compete in the arena of sholastic achievement? If so I would refer him to Thomas Sowell, Walter Williams, Condoleza Rice, Colin Powell, Barack Obama...


    Add Clarence Thomas & James T to the list... along with dozens of Americans of African descent that are successful, confident people who do not subscribe to this BS.

    Perhaps if learning institutions such as UWM had the more than 2 absences & you drop the class (Alverno in Milwaukee does, no excuses) maybe students would bother to roll out of bed before noon & get to class.

    Keep tellin' the same lies or excuses ... people except it as truth.

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