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    March 17, 2009


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    seriously James, I coudln't agree with you more. Did you read his book ? I bought it for my father over a year ago. by far my preferred Supreme court justice.

    this man should be teaching half the nation.


    While Thomas is generally more consistent with his logic then Antonin "Let Bush do what he wants" Scalia, the man should be no where near a classroom. Or a court room for that matter.


    Derek this man is a constitutionalist, he literally follows the letter fo the law on his rulings. If anything your country needs more like him. He serves no master but your constitution and that is exactly the kind of non partisan, non political person you want in that role. You may not like how he rules, but the fact that he sometimes does not like how he rules, that is proof of his high character. you couldn't have a better mentor period. If you yankees don't want him, then Canada will take him for sure. Not too many people of his character still alive and contributing to society nowadays.

    James T.


    Derek doesn't care about character, he has nothing on Judge Thomas except his color and conservatism. Oh, and a pubic hair on a Coke can.

    Yes. I have read the book. I LOVED IT! My son is reading it now for a high school project. He chose the book on his own and is totally inspired by it. My ten year old is into it as well.


    James, you raise your kids the right way. the fact your kids are as inspired by it while so young. thats just beautiful. I think I'm going to have to ask my father to borrow his copy, that can be my flight book for thwe trip to Trinidad next month.


    Derek is ecaxtly right about Clarence Thomas.

    Canada is way too liberal and has no need for Clarence Thomas, I don't think any of your provinces or territories, well except for Alberta, would be happy to have him.

    Both my kids are avid readers and like me they have a penchant for history and politics, especially my daughter. I would however only encourage them to read anything from Clarence Thomas for perspective.

    James T.


    Have you read the book?


    "You may not like how he rules, but the fact that he sometimes does not like how he rules, that is proof of his high character."

    That's some oxymoron there. I think the man tries so hard to be a constitutionalist that he comes off as cold self defeating. Rigid and enthreched constitutions require amendment, they should not be blindly adhered to. Did he not say the US constitution allowed slavery? And did you say he was non-partisan? I don't know about that Legion, I don't know!


    Yes I have. I actually bought it and read it the same week he appeared on 60 minutes.

    JT, I respect the man...he is a brilliant man, but I find him to be a slave to US constitution and that defeats the purpose of a brain and an independent thought process.


    I think he is our best Justice


    I think it is his job follow the constitution, If he did not follow the constitution then he is not doing the job that he was appointed to do.

    I have a lot of respect for Clarence Thomas.


    BiM Justice Thomas adherance to the constitution is what makes him great. He doesn't seek to put his agenda, or what he thinks is right ahead of what the law is. In the truest sense of the word he upholds the law far better than any of the other justices. If one needs to simply interpret law and can infer ones own ideology over top of previous decisions that is how you get corruption. thomas is the most free from corruption because he serves no interest other than the law, even if it runs counter to his own personal beliefs. Its funny hwo people can worry about how a Christian like GW Bush would impose his own ideology on a nation, but not the justices who help to uphold the law. I worry about anyone who would impose their own thoughts on others because they think it is right. Thomas is not that kind of person. If his job is to create new laws and establish new precedents then he isnt a justice, he is a policy maker. Supreme court Justices don't need to go through elections like other memebers of your ruling class. Why would you cede that kind of power to someone who wasn't even elected ?

    thomas poitn about slavery was that it did allow for slavery, from the beginning. It did not preclude that as an option. It does now because of the 14 and 15th amendment. Again this goes to show his character in that he didn't side step the question, or try to say it did at one time. he admitted that yes the constituion did allow for it, because it did actually allow for it. He never saw the need to inject that it no longer does, to colour our opinions on it.

    I still remember when he was confirmed and my whole family watched on TV as the anita hill thing blew up and the grilling he got from congress. I haven't read all of his book, but I did get a few chapters read, and I confidantly say his own upbringing and outlook on the world is entirely congruent with ours as well. My dad had to work his ass off to get to Canada. He had to start from nothing. Thomas story is our story, and the story of so many others out there. Between his humble beginnings, the lessons he learned in life, the work he did, and the accomplishments he made, I find it very hard to find matters of substance to criticize the man over. Perhaps it is the reflection of ourselves seen in the man. that much is possible, but to me, I aspire to have the character of someone like Thomas at some point in my life.

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