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February 27, 2009


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I love the way you put all that. In college after working hard on my documentary, the only feedback I was given was that I didn't feature any black people. I didn't get any feedback on the editing, the filming, the storyline. NOPE. Just that I didn't feature any black people. BTW I had 3 major interviews two of which happened to be hispanic. I guess they were like your gay.


Identity politics are the only real politics that exist. Republicans play it too, just in a different way. With dems, it's about powersharing because our minorities actually have power in the party. With Republicans everyone's white so it's about not looking elitist. Why do you think your last president talked like a good ol' boy even though he was born in connecticut, he went to high school in massachusets, college in connecticut, and grad school in massachusets. Hell, why do you think Mccain picked golly gee Sarah Palin? It's all cultural cues.


Your troll Derek is really ignornant. People pick up the accents from where they end up living. I have a great friend who is now in TX, spent many years on the east coast after being raised in the midwest. She has the TX twang now too. DUH!

And really? All Republicans are white. Hmmm James when did you bleach your skin?


As I was out snow plowing last Saturday morning, I was listening to NPR. They had a great story on how African immigrants couldn't identify with American of African descent. In fact, the parents interviewed woudln't let their kids hang out with the Americans of African descent because of all of the stereotypes they had of them before they even arrived in the US. Once they got here, each one of the immigrants interviewed said the realities were WORSE than what they thought and that they'd rather hang out with the whites, asians, and latinos because they were made fun of constantly for trying to "act white."

The African immigrants also said that despite the fact that most of the rich in their home country were white, they figured that they'd end up the same if they did what the rich did. Get an education, start a business, dress a certain way, take care of business, speak proper english, Queens english as they called it.

I love how every day in popular media and even forums like this, I have to deal with being called racist and intolerant for just being a conservative. Never mind the fact I've never once in my life said something to the effect of what James mentioned in the story, or that I employ people of numerous races, or that I have really good friends what are not white, and that I play drums, yes drums, at churches on occasion where I'm the ONLY white person.

Never mind those things. Conservative=RACIST. Liberal means=OPEN MINDED, TOLERANT, PROGRESSIVE.


On second thought, don't I get points for listening to NPR alone? The fact that I listen to NPR 2 times per week should buy me enough TOLERANCE CREDITS to get me through life!!!!


I've come to realize liberals are not open-minded or tolerant. Rather they have a closed mind and are intolerant. Example: Derek made a statement "With Republicans everyone's white..." Really? Many examples of intolerance of lefties on web blogs, check them out for yourself: huffpo, dailyk, thinkprogress. I feel somewhat sorry for these folks, not sure their illness is curable.

Bottom line: An immoral society has produced a more than 50-percent nation of amoral inhabitants.


When I say Republican, I don't mean James. I mean Republican power structure. Micheal Steele is the first black person with any real party power in the GOP that I can think of.

Hell, there were only 2 black people on the committee that voted for Steele in the first place.

If you want to act like diversity isn't a problem in your party then that's fine by me. But let's not BS ourselves here.


Be happy to leave the BSing to Derek... I think he's proved time and again he is an expert BSer.


Derek has some valid points, and I don't think anyone on here would disagree that Republicans need to do a whole lot more to reach out to the African-American community. (One reason they now have Steele, as Derek says -- everyone knows this; James has said the same thing on several occasions.) And can we please take a break from the name calling. (e.g., calling Derek a "troll.") Very uncool. Uncle Ed would not dig that, I think. James respects Derek and I know he's glad Derek keeps sharing his insights on here; Derek obviously respects James, too. So just chill out and try LISTENING to what the other person is saying.

Chris -West Bend

Derek - The major problem with diversity in the GOP is not the power structure. If there were more blacks with the actual courage to stand up for what they believe and align themselves with a political party that fits that, there would be far more black republicans and far more in power with the GOP. You want to talk about being honest or not BSing, there are tons of minorities who do not agree with abortion/liberal economics/gun control etc... that only vote democratic because all the other minorities do it and CNN condones it. Say what you will but I see proof of it EVERY day. Liberals are open-minded, maybe(or not), but the eyes are closed...

James T.

Amen,Chris! Look what happened when I went on CNN!

What people don't know about are the thousands of Americans of African descent who supported me but are afraid of being kicked out of the temple.

Many of us lead conservative lives but don't take our soul to the poll!


"If you want to act like diversity isn't a problem in your party then that's fine by me."

It's not a bleeping problem. Because who gives a bleep what skin color someone bleeping has.


BipolarNation: Ask James if skin color has NO significance at all. Ask Steele -- who has said just the opposite and is now leading the new direction for the GOP. I don't think Sykes, Walker, George Will, McWhorter or GW Bush would agree with you that skin color is completely insignificant. Is it secondary to character? Of course! But the GOP is wrestling with how to bring greater ethnic diversity into the party THIS VERY MINUTE. If Americans of African descent are uncomfortable with the GOP, we have to figure out why. We can't just say, Oh well -- they need to get over it.


@glover, "An Internet troll, or simply troll in Internet slang, is someone who posts controversial, inflammatory, irrelevant or off-topic messages in an online community, such as an online discussion forum or chat room, with the intention of provoking other users into an emotional response[1] or to generally disrupt normal on-topic discussion" I'd say there was NO NAME CALLING and if the definition fits!!!


I'd say you're wrong, since Derek is a regular poster here. And apparently pretty chummy with James -- albeit in a friendly ideological bantering way. If we're going to go by your defition, then you couldn't be more wrong. Do you see Derek just trying to provoke you? (If so, you're too easily provoked.) He's honestly asking questions...why not attempt to answer him?

James T.

By Laurens definition, Derek is a troll! He makes my head explode... and I love the fact that he hangs out on the National Conversation. Yes, he does make me think... but on occasion he is a bomb thrower... like me. I consider him a member of the tribe.


It's not my definition. It's THE definition. Go google it both of you please.


Anyway, what I wanted to say is that Barrett is a troll -- but not according to THE definition. (The old one.) He is the most wishy-washy, political correct politian in the state. Maybe the nation. No one knows where he stands on anything. He doesn't even know. He shifts with every changing liberal wind -- it all depends on who's in front of him. But to equate being Black with being gay?!?! That outrageous. Even for his extreme left paradigm.


"but on occasion he is a bomb thrower"

You guys leave too many matches laying around.


Actually Derek, I think you have a lighter hidden up your sleeve. :-)


I know why liberals annoy me.
WHo cares if your white or black straight or gay? Liberals
It amazing to me to see Dr. King dream preverted by the liberals in this country.
But Republicans are the racist ones.

Patrick Austin

Watch yourself Derek. They'll be calling you unpatriotic or a paid Obama supporter. Or better yet, un-American.

As a American of African descent, I could care less about the color of those in office, as long as we all have equal opportunity to get there.

Generally speaking, many Republicans seem to care too little about equal opportunity, and many Dems overcompensate in the other direction... as this lady is doing.


Uhmmmnnnhhhh, James.

In your entire essay, you completely ignored Native Americans.

....just sayin'.....


this story is sad, truly, for anyone to be thinking in terms of quotas, or the diversity makeup of a group of people. Sadly this occurs all too often left and right. I am guilty of this myself. Being of mixed race I tend to gravitate towards black conservatives moreso than white ones. the sad truth is Dr King's dream of actual equality is dead. No colourblind society survives on the face of this planet today. Society in his absense chose to make race a defining issue, sometimes considerably of more import than ones own character and behaviour.

Mondays are depressing.


Legion, truly a great deal of wisdom in your last post, particularly the last line. Thank You.

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