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February 27, 2009


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edyth tabet

there is no doubt that it was an insult but,why even give him satisfaction of knowing he got to you. what creep edyth tabet


Not offended, not surprised either. Liberals have such a dearth of humor that they have to resort to stale old stereotypes to pawn off as humor.

repugs suck

not offended? then you are an idiot no doubt


I'm offended, but I wouldn't make a big deal out of this. how stupid was this guy to send this email out ? what in God's name was he thinking ?


Not offended - I like watermelon, plus I have often wondered why the White House doesn't have a garden?

Maddie - Saukville


Its pretty much the Tiger Woods going to have fried chicken served at the tournament dinner mentality again. Unless this guy has been around forever though, he's probably just a colassal moron.

Who doesn't love watermelon by the way? (and fried chicken for that matter - that's an American classic)

Now, any word on whether there really is a basketball court at the White House yet? If that were pictured would it be offensive?

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