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February 26, 2009


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Maddie - Saukville

I don't know about 'adulation' but those floats could be engaged in adultery!

But hey, I guess it's worth it to be respected by the world again...yeah.

Mary Roach

Oh James ....even though I chuckled at Joe not remembering the "number" for the website he is in charge of, this is the best laugh I have had since inauguration day ! Thank you and keep up the great work...I'm sure Joe will give us many more things to laugh at over the next 4 years !


If Obama's team had any brains, they'd be offended. This is too funny. What's in the water over there?


Why is there an onion ring on Obama's head in this picture?


Oh My....I can tell you one thing she could be holding onto....cause he has big ones....*snicker*


"Why is there an onion ring on Obama's head in this picture?"(by the way that is so funny)

So he can feed the masses as he floats by.

Sarah L

Who the heck created this parade float?
What are they trying to say?
Even Europeans s/b offended by this one.

Mary Roach

I want to know what she is holding on to and why is he smiling so big !??????? LOL! Any answers James ????


Is that float implying that Obama is the head of the EU?

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