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February 26, 2009


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What the bleep did Bobby Jindal do that was so bad? I didn't pick ANY of that up, and neither am I smitten by any of Obama's rumored oratory skills - he can't be away from two prompters, ever.

James T.

You are right Bipolar and please understand, I didn't disagree with anything Gov. Jindal said... but dude! He looked liked Opie Taylor!

My 15 year old, who watched it before I did, found himself saying the same thing Chris Matthews did...

That's how it played to the generation that we must reach.


Right, but since when do we on the right place so much emphasis on style over substance?

When someone legitimately engaging and conservative comes along (Palin), look how she's treated. When someone not-as-engaging and conservative comes along, look how HE's treated. It just seems like we can't win, so why play the game?


See, I'm already falling into the frame of "Jindal has no charisma." He's got about as much charisma as any ordinary politician I've seen.

James T.

Again, I agree. So why play the game especially if we are doomed to fail. Tune in on Saturday's radio version of the National Conversation. I've got a plan.

By the way, Sarah Palin would have been a better choice. At least she's pleasing to the eye.


Sounds good James T. I'll be listening for it.


Jindal was boring.

For one though, he came after a fire Obama speech. Obama's been giving b to b- speeches pretty much since last summer, but this one was easily an A. Going on after that is easily a suicide mission.

Second Jindal comes on and basically talks down to the audience. I don't mean to say he was condescending, just that he sounded like he was lavar burton on reading rainbow.

Then, he has no swag. It's not just words that inspire, it's delivery, confidence, poise,etc. Jindal had none of that.

I won't quibble on substance, but the speech was also really boilerplate to me. I mean even the one thing that makes him interesting was turned into a boring story. Your dad took you to a grocery story and that's where you learned the promise of america? Dude? Seriously?


Joe reminds me of Jeff Dunham's Walter... they're made of the same stuff...wood. In the words of Walter: Dumb A**.

Jindal was better and much more at ease on Meet the Press last Sunday. He does need to work on delivery, though substance is there.

Palin is electric, however MSM would have torn her apart much worse than Jindal... it's become a habit they cannot and will not break.


Jindal 2012!!!!!

James Pawlak

It appears that "Joe" the political prostitute (Not "Joe the plumber") has read and is following the big lie theory of Adolf Hitler and his other socialist actors.


Damn if only I could draw.

Picture it, joe with a little red hat and cute yellow jacket looking kind of hairy sitting on top of an organ grinder and bo just grinding away.
Actually you could dress up his whole cabinet and administration like that.


Maddy the image is fantastic. Thanks for the mind photo. You rock!


I saw this on Bob Park's site and I have to agree, Joe should just not talk. Nearly every time he opens hi mouth publicly something stupid comes out. If he was a republican he would never have gotten this far. For the life of me I don't understand why Obama keeps utter morons around him. Unless he is trying to look better, but the man is looked up to so much already I don't see why the hell he chose Joe Biden of all people to run with him.


IMHO - Joe and all of the other stooges are doing just what bo hired them for. They are the distraction to what bo is really doing to our Country. If you listen very carefully you will hear bo say "pay no attention to the man behind the curtain for I am the great"the great bo of obamanation".


Maddy once again you have me cracking up and nodding my head in agreement.

We all know Joe has issues with numbers....like being in the top 7% of his class or the top 75% of his class...or offering up millions to Iran (Anyone get the Dr. Evil picture in their mind when they think of him not know exactly how much a million is really worth?!)


The fictional character that keeps coming up in my mind ... the man behind O's curtain... is Harry Potter's Voldemort... opps the "one who must not be named" ... give you a big hint... the evil one pouring lots of $$$ to get puppet Franken in Senate seat. Hope we can moveon down the road... the ol' coot cannot live forever.

August J. Pollak


"The number of unemployed in Louisiana in December 2008 increased to 121,949 from 108,553 in November."

121,949 - 108,553 = 13,396
13,396 / 31 = 432.13

Louisianans lost an average of 432 jobs a day in December 2008. According to the site your link just told me to go for the truth.

You were saying?

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