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February 25, 2009


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Yes -- exactly! He could easily replace "American Catholics" with American Christians," as many mainline Christian denominations are dealing with the same issues. :(

James Pawlak

Whoever advised Moses, some years ago, had a comment as to the worship of false gods.

Christians were all warned, in the Gospel, about false prophets.


excellent article James T, I loved it, on point !

Patrick Austin

I wondered if he has ever spoke out similarly about the spirit of adulation surrounding the Pope.

I'm just saying...


no patrick I'm sure he hasn't after all the Pope isn't a politician, he is a spiritual leader. Its one thing to admire and to idolize the pope or the dahli lama, or whoever your spiritual leader is, since their power and influence are limited. Putting that kind of faith in a politician regardless of his or her stripes is beyond foolish. Peter Tosh and Bob Marley called them politricksters because they all play games and cannot be trusted. the most violent time in Jamaica is during the election cycles. But the nature of politicians and who they have to be to gain and retain power make them the last kind of person any of us would want to put blind faith in.Reasoned skepticism, and a little posiitve image of a pioltician isn't bad, but being willing to get into a fight because soemone dissed your candidate says you got yourself some problems.

Patrick Austin

Legion... admiring is one thing, idolizing is another.

And I would never say that a spiritual leader's power is limited. I've seen people do some of the strangest things in the name of religion, including killing themselves (by literally drinking the kool-aid).

I agree with your other points, but it gets a little boring when James and some of his friends cry foul because the other side is happy to have a president who can speak in complete sentences. I, for one, don't expect the President to walk on water.


Spiritual leaders' power is not absolute, their proclamations do not change the way governments behave, as such their power is limited, it's just not non existent, but it is limited. the pope denouncing abortion for 60 years has done little to spread its popular adoption worldwide. The Dhali Lama has tried to work for the the betterment of Tibet and for their freedom yet china is no closer to granting them freedom now than in the 50's. As such I think describing their power as limited is accurate and supported by facts we can all recognize. Granted a spiritual leader has the ability (think cult leaders etc) to lead their members astray as it were.

I'm glad you have been realistic to yourself about the president, and many people I have spoken with online share that pragmatism, but I have also seen some crazy Ish on the web. My cousin recently came back from California and he said he was shocked at the ignorance of so many people about the last election you guys had. My cousin immigrated to Canada from the West Indies as a youth, and has made sure he is educated about issues before he votes. He sees this as his civic duty. Something he must do in order to vote. While he was living in California he was in a unique situation to see the election process firsthand and speak with people about the election of America's first black president. People voted for partisan reasons, for stupid reasons, for ignorant reasons on both sides of the political divide. Until more people take the issues and understanding them seriously we will be stuck with officials who lack clear definition and difference in choice. That to me is sad

Sarah L

This is exactly the cup of coffee so many in this world need.

How can we realistically put so much hope in one MAN?
I know James has been saying this with the whole 'Chocolate Jesus', but really ... besides hoping he will CHANGE the economy (yet to be realistically seen), and to be a man of literally a different color skin ...
Can we put all our eggs (HOPE) in this one basket that has promised to drop some major stinkbombs (like more abortion rights, and renaming what marriage has actually been for thousands of years)????????

Patrick Austin

Legion, I agree wholeheartedly with the "more people take the issues and understanding them seriously".

This is the first blog that I ever participated in regularly. I came in after seeing on the news how James was attacked after he spoke at the McCain rally. I came in to defend him (even though our politics differ), and I did so on this blog and others and out in public.

I stuck around because I wanted to join in on discussing the issues seriously with those of different mindsets. Get some understanding, look at situations from the other point of view.

I became disappointed after I saw that wasn't James intention, but instead ridiculing people ('Chocolate Jesus') and the sky is falling rhetoric. Which would be fine I suppose, if a little debate was thrown in to balance it out.

I guess I expected too much... and to me, THAT is sad.


Patrick, I don't know who you are, but unless you forgot not just the "bashing" of President Bush but the spewing vile hated on TV, in protests and in the news papers, calling bo the "chocolate Jesus" is funny and almost endearing.
bo is "obamie the commie" and every day I hear more people getting closer to saying that. Every day I wish to God he was just some crazy dem with different view points than mine. Pay close attention he is defying our constitution as I write this. You are not going to have to wait long(months)to see I am right. And if I am wrong and this scum isn't a communist and doesn't want to abolish presidential term limits I will take what ever people want to throw at me and I will apologize.

Patrick Austin

Maddypie, you disqualify yourself for serious dialog because you referred to the President as scum. That's over the top for me. So I won't begin to address your points. You just proved yourself no better than the Bush 'bashers' you just criticized.

James T.

All voices (for the most part) are welcome to the National Conversation. Thanks for sticking around.


Patrick you are correct. I looked at that when I wrote it and knew I was wrong to put myself on that level. I apologize, I am only human. I look forward to reading more of your posts and (if necessary) disagreeing with you without lowering myself to that level.



I stuck around here because I also thought there would be some decent discourse about real issues and politics.

What I've come to find is that this site is mostly just a hang out for the really faaar right people. The kind of people who listen to Rush religiously. No intelligent conversations here. Just perversions of the truth and outright lies along with a little bit of fear mongering and hate mixed in for good measure...

Stick around long enough and someone might even call you a communist :)

Now I pretty much just visit for some giggles and because despite JT's political afiliations he is still a cool dude :)


Patrick, lets really have a discussion about this country and where we are heading. The issue is not solely about politics, its about values. Such as: integrity, honesty, reverence, humility, hope, courage, hard work personal responsibility and others that a civilized people need to function as a society.

Your comments about this video are welcomed:


DavidB you are invited to view the video in my previous message as well. You are correct about one thing I find intelligent discussion is rare, some if not most is lacking common sense.

Patrick Austin

Maddypie, my hat is off to you. I can appreciate someone who can say they were wrong.

@DavidB, some of that might be true, but I try not to stereotype. I posted on a blog belonging to another regular here, Lauren. I asked her before I posted because I was 'on the other side' and she said fine.

After one respectful post soliciting viewpoints, she called me a paid Obama staffer and said she wouldn't allow me to come in to her blog and take it over.

That was a WOW moment for me. I know there are intense folks on both sides, but WOW! If I'm a paid Obama staffer, I'm missing some checks.

On the flip, Silent E, another regular here is a very cool guy and I post at his spot. We have the type of dialog I was looking for, even if he calls Obama "The Borg". :-)

I think JT is cool too, I just wished he used his powers for good!

Patrick Austin

Joyce, I couldn't look at the whole clip, but the prospect seems silly. I think if your faith can't stand up to some blasphemy from non-believers, it isn't much of a faith.

But that might just be my American sensibilities.


Patrick, are you not just a bit uneasy about One religion, Islam dictating to the world? If not, why not?



I watched the clip and the slant on it is ridiculous. They overemphasized Islam which is pointless since it applies to all religions. The propoganda is THICK.

However, I believe that free speech should be supported 100% and find it laughable that this would ever pass in the United States. We would leave the UN before agreeing to it.


DavidB, Thanks for your vote of confidence of the UN... not quite ready to share the laughs.

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