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January 29, 2009


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Andrea A.

Really James! The entertainers pay their dues!! You can hardly expect THEM to pay more then they already do?!! And hey, they contribute to really important programs like PETA & pitbull fights and keeping the paparazzi employed!! I'm mean come on... they should be exempt from any and all taxes with how much they contribute back to the community!!

(it should be noted my post is definitely dripping with sarcasm;-)


I am a little offended that you would make such comments about the Travolta family considering recent sad events in his personal life. But, since you chose to go there, why do you care how John Travolta spends the money he earns? You don't have any idea how much he pays in taxes and further celebrities keep many other professionals in business. It's not like Garofalo or Travolta have their hands out to the public coffer trying to get a bail out only to immediately go out and spend lavishly on a jet. Celebs simply appeal to large numbers of people who are willing to spend money on their end-product. It's really apples and oranges.


Unfortunately, it looks the direct-opposite will happen. I read somewhere that one of the administration's new tax policies will be to give a 50% tax write-off to Hollywood's equipment purchases, etc. I guess their blind, biased support paid off.

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