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December 10, 2008


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I do really wonder where my generation is headed. But i think we'll turn out OK. We're ungrateful, but there is a difference between not liking what you get and the sense of entitlment that preceeded the generations before us.

I mean, it's Gen X and Generation Jones that thinks they can buy houses with no credit and pay for the government spending with tax cuts. My generation is the first one that's been asked to serve it's country and be politically engaged with it in a long time. Since vietnam and the post civil rights movement basically. and i think that will ultimately be the difference maker. But then again, i'm not entirely sure what that experience did for the baby boomers so maybe i'm talking out my ass.


I don't know Derek, our geenration is the first generation to treat anti heroes like heroes. To be worshipped and emulated. We are the progression of the breakdown of the western value structure. I can't pretend to know where we are going any better than you, but my faith in this society has been shaken, and it will take more than a change in leadership for me to change my outlook.


Do you think The Greatest Generation will teach us how to survive the Depression we are heading toward? Better yet, we will listen?


"I don't know Derek, our geenration is the first generation to treat anti heroes like heroes."

I think that's american tradition. We are a culture that worships gangsters and cowboys. Jack Bauers and James Bonds, Dirty Harry's and John Waynes, Tony Sorpranos and Elliot Ness's.

It's hard for me to peg our generation. I see contradictions. I see nihilism (which I'd say is what you'd call the breakdown of the western value system)but I also see idealism. We are the people signing up for Iraq and Afghanistan, signing on to volunteer in the name of Hope and Change. But at the same time I see young Americans as not believing in most American social traditions. It's the cynicism of Gen X combined with the git-r-dun of the greatest generation. We can dismiss a reverend Wright because of our cynicism. We already dismiss most of what anyone over 30 tells us. But since witnessing 9-11 and Katrina, I think we are more ready and willing to tackle the problems we face than previous generations. Energy, Healthcare, we already carry the mantle for the War on Terror.

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