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November 04, 2008


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give it mannnn

well well well, you will never stop. all that begging for nothing. well it wasn't for nothing becasue you have become a regular on Fox so begging did get you somewhere in life.

you should stop complaining and realize it's over for mccain. look at Grant Park in Chicago right now. wow.

James.... THANK YOU FOR ALL THE BEGGING,BASHING AND BITCHING. You and all the other haters (fox & friends, hannity) made this all possible. "you bethca" "my freinds"(wink wink)


Thats fine, you can say there was fraud, nothing will ever make up for Florida. But i just have one question, how do you feel about 284-146 :-)


and still counting...


Everyone, move to milwaukee, get paid to not work, and free badger care to boot. Look for a population increase and maybe the county sales tax hike may pay off after all! Taxes, taxes, taxes. All of you redistributers hoping for gov'ment handouts are going to be nice and happy when unemployment rises to 10-15% because no new jobs will be created. So BO give you a 1500.00 tax refund, and you mix that with the only job you get which by the way, can be done better, faster and cheaper by illegals whom you can't turn in, and you've got nothing! That's the american dream!!

give it mannnn

james take a lesson from mccain...he gave a great concession speech why don't you do the same.

i have always thought mccain was a class act. i think his campagin advisors ran a poor campaign but he bowed down gracefully.

look o n the bright side you got TV exposure from all that begging.



Chris -West Bend

What a disappointment, still bashing on JT even though your phony jerk of of candidate "won". Fasten your seatbelts for 4 years of crappy left-wing overspending and handouts.


Bartman, you nailed it. I have chosen to not watch any more election returns but it appeared the county sales tax increase was going to pass.

My wife and I were talking about how we will consciously not shop in Milwaukee County in order to save money. I am certain I will not be alone. How's that increased revenue gonna work out for ya?

I talked to a coworker today who lives in Tosa who voted for the sales tax increase because he actually believed his property taxes would go down.

When I can by the same item a half mile in the other direction and buy it cheaper, why would I not do that? Knowing that, why would I start a new business anywhere in Milwaukee County?

The continued insane tax policies of Milwaukee County will continue to lead the county, and unfortunately the City, down the sewer.


And the reverse philosopy holds true with tax policy. If I could buy the same item in Milwaukee County because their sales tax was cheaper, I would consciously do so.

Sorry, maybe I am the insane one. I better just go to bed.

give it mannnn

chris sweetie... go to bed. mccain lost. we will have the same tax plan clinton had so you will be ok.

and you talk about left-wing over-spending????man what has bush did in 8 years to the economy..oh, i know...his right-wing dumb ass OVER SPENT...

man chris you're a stupid jerk. where have you been???under a rock?

Random Liberal Democrat

Check mate! Viva Obama!

Random Liberal Democrat

...or shall I say "Mate in Full" (lol).

Your Time





Tick, Tick, Tick,

Big Dummy!


I absolutley had to stop by here to gloat for a second. President Obama won in a LANDSLIDE. Despite all the cooning and ass kissing you did and all the smears Faux news continued every day he still beat McCain to a pulp!! Hopefully you and Joe the plumber fall off the face of the earth now!! Yes we can! Yes we did!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Barack Obama


Barack Obama

Your Time


Don't Jump!!!, slowly back away from the ledge, tell yourself it will only be 4 years. Yes you can...., yes you can...., yes you can....





Keep the faith Mr. Harris. There are many of us counting on you, even if we are forced into silence while doing it.

Patrick Austin

People, remember how we felt when Bush was elected again in '04? That's probably how James T. and co feel.

For that reason alone, I won't gloat. Obama won, you all should chill.

Per Obama, show humility in victory.

James, Obama most likely won't be EVERYTHING we hoped for, but he also won't be all that you guys fear.


Liberals are funny. They're idiots and they don't even know it.

It was written in the stars Obama was going to win. Mostly because of stupid writers who only care about their opinions, rather than presenting truth.

Because if people were really interested in the truth, we'd have a lot better country.

James T. keep up the good work.

And to the rest, just shut up. Obama doesn't stand for anything...

Taxes like Clinton? I hope so. But I doubt it. It's record (which I have personally examined) speaks differently.

Economy gets better? Again, I sure hope so...but...as long as you think illegal aliens should be working instead of Americans ~ so much for bringing jobs 'back home'.

Failed policies...of Barack Obama

a new voice

[...]I don't believe this election was won fair and square. "55,000 total tolen votes: 15,000 by absentee ballot, 10,000 from college students voting both at home and at school, and 30,000 [...]james t.

Your Time


Thats why you and your ideas are on the way out, you think your smarter than the average bear, but low and behold your just Stupid! I guess the liberal machine was just a little smarter than you guys. Only by a landslide! It must suck to be you.


On the plus side, I should never have to hear the phrase "white privilege" ever again.



The sad part is that you don't even know the definition of "white privilege", if you think putting a African American in the highest office solves anything...

Get a clue...


A black man is president is still something to be proud of--but at what cost. Whatever happened to pride in not giving in to charity. Our ancestors would be ashamed of us. If you have the drive you can accomplish anything. Obama did and yet is he being an inspiration or an enabler. Why should anyone be financially dependent on the government. Those people will never get out of poverty if it is easier to be poor. Let's just hope that as the Bible says, we are to obey are leaders because for a reason God put them there, and all things work together for good to those who love God.

Chris -West Bend

hey give it... Bush is not the best example of a fiscal conservative. Im not pleased with his over spending either. But thanks for the assumption.

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