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November 08, 2008


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I am sorry for your loss. What happened?


I'm sorry. May God comfort your two families in this time.

Arnie Behnke

Sorry for your loss. Ed was a voice of reason in the crazy wilderness. At least that's the impression I have gotten.


I'm sorry for your loss, James, and may the Lord comfort you and your family during this time.

1 less

one less republican

Patrick Austin

I'm sorry for your loss. I could tell from the one exchange me and Ed had on your blog that he was a good guy.

Terry F.

As difficult as it is to understand at times, this, too, is part of God's sovereign plan. Grace and Peace to you, James T.

Chris from Racine

My condolences to your family and to his. I'm so very sorry for your loss.

Paul Nowak

I am sorry for your loss. My wife and I are close friends of Chris and Lisa. Mr. Wenzler's love for God is apparent in the way his son's live their lives and help their friends. May God be with you and the Wenzler Family.


James - So sorry. It's tough to loose the ones you love. RIP Ed.

1 less - Spoken like a real jackass. I see you've reached you intellectual peak.


Oh my God!!! I am heartbroken. I did not know this man, but through this blog I knew him. What a wonderful person. I really felt like he cared about others by the words he used. James, I am truly heartbroken for you. You are in my prayers.

Michael Caughill

Good God, James, I'm sorry.


God bless Ed's family and yours at this time of loss.

Chris -West Bend

Sorry to hear that JT, my wife and I send our condolences.


God Bless You and Yours (and His) during your loss.

dana michelle

James, I am shocked and so sorry to hear of the loss of your dear friend. My thoughts and prayers go out to you as well as to his family.

I will really miss seeing Uncle Ed's intelligent and well reasoned commentary here. He was always a class act and a gentleman.

Rest in Peace, Uncle Ed. After listening to the show tonight, I know you are with God.

"1 less": Have you no respect at all? Your asinine remark doesn't speak well for your party.


I'm so sorry for your loss, Mr. Harris - May Ed's soul rest in peace...

marcy rahn misiewicz

was comforting to find this blog - i am a cousin of ed's - though we didn't see each other often - i have very fond memories of ed growing up and he was the same every time i saw him. if you look up good in the dictionary, you'd find his picture. i'm so sad for my aunt and uncle and for georgine and the boys - i know their faith is strong and will give them comfort. these are kind words i read about a kind man, it's so interesting to see what others thought and the way he lived his life. the world lost a good one yesterday.

Andy Steeno

Ed was a wonderful man, a very good friend, and a voice of reason. I will miss him severly, yet hold my memories of him in a precious place in my heart.

Andy Steeno

Ed was a wonderful man, a very good friend, and a voice of reason. I will miss him severly, yet hold my memories of him in a precious place in my heart.


James, you and Ed's family have my sympathies and prayers.


My prayers are with your families. May God's peace wash over all of you in this, your time of loss.


James, our prayers are with your and Ed's family.

1 less

Dana Michelle , death is a part of life and my affiliation with the Green Party has nothing to do with my comments. I was just as shocked as you were because I didn't think James had any friends.

Take comfort knowing that God makes no mistakes.

James Pawlak

Not "one less republican" on earth; But, one more soul with Jesus.

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