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November 24, 2008


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That's an article that's on the right track, but still ultimately shallow.

The GOP already tried young, pretty, and new. That's what the Palin pick was. It isn't the packaging that's the problem.

Your problem is demographic. You are losing the youth because the GOP is defined by the past 8 years. (my entire voting life)

You lose urban voters because you go out of your way to ridicule big cities

You lose educated voters because you have offered no new solutions to any of the problems we are faced with today

You are losing Hispanic people because you have no reasonable message on immigration

You lose black people because since 1964 you've made no effort to reach out to black people. Perfect example is the minority issues debates at Morgan State for the primaries. All the democrats showed up for their debate, none of the front running republicans showed up for theirs. Sad because the Republican debate was easily the most enjoyable I saw all election season.
for anyone that wants to see it:

In short... Underestimating why Obama won and trying to emulate it is not going to work out. Just like the Palin, it's destined to go down in flames


As a moderate conservative I am getting tired of being the scapegoat of hardliners on why the republican party took such a beating this year. It's the republican party that nominated and ultimately made Bush Jr. their candidate for president and it was almost him alone that made it so easy for the liberals to take over in 2008.

Going more "main stream" was the last best hope for the Republican party to even have a chance at being in the whitehouse. It was a long shot for sure, and predictably it failed. Please don't blame it on playing to the moderates, or playing to young voters, or playing to anyone except the extreme base.

This article was a sarcastic ridicule of all of these concepts. It almost makes me think at times that my socially conservative values may no longer hold me to voting for a party that doesn't want me.

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