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    November 05, 2008


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    give it mannnn

    thank you james.


    Does this mean we can finally end affirmative action?



    So much hate...Let the man take office first...

    Random Liberal Democrat

    "Call the ball?" LOLOLOLOL
    Don't hold you breath, my dear. Viva OBAMA!!!!!!


    loyal opposition? you mean haters



    Too bad you weren't born white, huh? Oh well, I'm sure as an American of African descent (as oppose to "ni**er, as they would call you on the south side of Milwaukee) there will always be work for a good boy like you. Good luck Toby!


    Your quote:

    I pray that he will be a wise and pragmatic Commander and Chief. However, if he is not, I and many others will be right here to call the ball...

    But what if he is? Will you be right here to say you were wrong? Are you capable of understanding that, (despite your personal advancement) you are wrong? I pray for you.


    Hey James, as an American of Negro descent you might be comforted to know that Alan Keyes pulled in a few thousand votes of his own.





    I have just found your show by accident and I have to say that it is serendipity. Thank God for great men such as yourself. Keep up the good work.

    uncle ed


    Enough; under what circumstance do you think that it's even remotely acceptable to speak to another person the way that you spoke to James? I know that your comments are tame compared to many that James has received, but I don't get even a little why you think that it's OK to speak to anyone like that. The election is over, we have a new president elect, let's keep to the issues, and keep your nasty racial slurs to your self. Yours is the party of tolerance and acceptance, show us or shut up.

    Patrick Austin

    Uncle ed: What I hated most about this election cycle is that both sides tried to make the idiots representative of the opposition.

    I voted for Obama, and I can tell you that Don is a idiot. Excuse our village idiots and we'll excuse yours.

    uncle ed

    Patrick, I agree with you my friend. I think that we all need to show some grace towards each other, especially now! I voted for the old guy, and I pray him and for our president elect and our county.


    But will the republican congressmen and senators really yell loud enough for the media to report and the people to hear the stunts the Dems will pull; the calculated erosion to our constitution and other leftist agendas that would catch the attention of the many Obama voters who were fooled into thinking he's a normal, average guy??? (I know you will, James, God bless!! But it has to reach beyond conservative talk radio. People need to see the hard, cold results of what they voted for.)


    I posted my thought before I stopped to read other comments. My heart is in my throat, James! I know you described the hateful messages directed at you after your big media storm, but I honestly had no idea what the reality was. You are an amazingly strong and dedicated person to get up every day and faithfully continue on spreading your message of faith and conservative values. I will keep you in my prayers, as well as Don, whose hateful heart must be a heavy burden to live with. I can't thank you enough James for all your thoughtful comments that I've devoured during this election cycle. (I will stop hogging your comment area now!)


    You again, the volunteer for the loyal opposition ? Have you not embarassed yourself enough ?

    Something in me says you are a glutton for public flagellation and humiliation !

    Honestly, I think you overestimate your significance in the big scheme of things. Other Black folks get an opportunity to appear in the national media and they can parlay that to a leadership of a major political party and eventually a presidency.

    You ? Your 15 minutes will forever be a punchline; you will always be remembered for your incessant begging to be accepted as part of a rabid and rowdy crowd of hate. Obviously they were not particularly impressed with your "look at me, look at me, please" pleas.

    Even the gimmick of Joe the Plumber was more resourceful in keeping that politically bankrupt campaign alive, albeit on E. Sadly that didn't help to keep Ohio. Needless to say, you wouldn't help to keep your county, let alone Minnesota.

    Either than the fatherly hug, McCain had no use for you. I doubt your party would have much use for you outside a loudmouth radio jock, especially now that they have to do some soul searching. Besides, when given the opportunity to present an appealing face of a Black Republican on TV, you appeared like a volatile character, storming out of debates, insulting the viewership with the lack of professionalism, and displaying a mentality not unlike your much avowed ideological enemies.

    You didn't do yourself nor your family nor your party nor your people any favors.

    How does it feel to be on the wrong side of history ?


    Yep. I'm pretty sure this (see above comments) is the kind of unity Obama was talking about last night. Nice, America.


    You want to talk about unity, Danielle ?

    Republicans have now rallied behind the new president hoping he succeeds for their sake. They are not busy denouncing him as this owner of this site. John McCain was a graceful man in his concession speech; he spoke about unity and service to his President. Now contrast that with the author of this site; his continuing snide comments about the "Chocolate Jesus", the epithet hurling, the fear-mongering, the bitterness of a sore-loser, etc. I don't understand how this man can be the most vile and rabid opponent of a fellow American, he obviously doesn't understand. What is there to fear in Obama ? And why does it appear he has issue with Obama's Kenyan heritage ?

    So, if you want to talk about unity, tell Mr Anti-(Chocolate) Christ here to get over it, and support the new president instead of cultivating unnecessary fear. Why does a President who happens to be a man of color have to be one that scares the bejesus out of this man ? What does Mr Harris know about Obama that Col. Powell, the US Secret Service, Warren Buffet and all reliable US agencies and people do NOt know, enough to fear him as an apocalyptic figure ?

    FOX doesn't even buy most of this nonsense; it was good for campaigning somewhat, but obviously it didn't work. So, why perpetrate lies and name-calling, just because you don't like the man. He is your president too !

    Bernard Bootlicker


    Today was a sad day for all Bootlickers. After i massaged massa's supple shoulders, i could barely finish the leftover scraps that Mrs. Massa gave me from her dinner last nite. Sure i did a little tapdance for her, but that good ole' bojangles swagger just wasnt there. My son Bobby Reagan Bootlicker looked at me and said,"Daddy did we lose?" I said "yes Bobby a very bad man is now our leader", then Bobby looked up at me was his big blue contacts and said "we lost and the big bad man looks just like us?" i told him "yes Bobby, he actually doesnt want to be a bootlicker and is actually a strong man who stands on his own two feet and doesnt BEG elderly white men for stuff, he is NOTHING like us, he wants to redistribute MY WEALTH, now go get your sister Nancy Coulter Bootlicker from outside of our shack so we can eat our dinner of porridge and water". James i BEG of you to keep up our lifelong bootlicking and shoeshining even in the midst of having a black president. I wont dare to look a white man in the eyes until this awful man is voted out of office!!!

    -Bernard Bootlicker UCNSB(united council of negro shoeshiners and brownnosers)


    James although I am also a (white) Republican, I have to say: How ironic and inconsistent you are Mr James "Fox & Friends" Harris.

    Your blogs denounce any black person who speaks out against you as a "Hater", yet every single one of your blogs are full of intense hatred!!! That which you claim to hate the most is actually within you!

    Stop preaching separateness. now is the time for unity.

    Your Fox contacts no longer need you. Who will you turn to now? We don't want or need you. You are on your own.


    I don't live America, however, the world has been watching. As someone who has been "watching" for the last eight years this is the first time I have had any confidence in American politics. After all, can it get any worse...really?

    How people could possibly want a Republican Government after the last eight years is beyond me. Well, unless they are enjoying this economic recession, the wars and being hated by the world (yes, please read about WORLD news..not many fans out there).

    Allow the man the chance to prove himself. I'm definitely not saying he is a saviour but he is HOPE and that's what is desperately lacking.


    James, when did challenging political platforms and prospective policies become hate speech? I don't get it. Coming from the party of inclusion, equality, and diversity, they can't handle an independent minded dissenter to their liberal philosophy.

    I fear it will only get worse. Put your shield on for the next 4 years as the party of intolerance tries to take our liberties and reinterpret the Constitution.

    James, you have many more supporters than the hate filled cowards that continue to try to tear you down.

    I also hope for the best in this Obama administration. I couldn't call myself an American in good consciense otherwise.
    However, part of being a good American is holding our leaders accountable and calling them on it when necessary.

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