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November 05, 2008


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black conservatism
well spoken. take note james. this is black conservatism without blaming, bitching or begging.


Maddie - Saukville

There is nothing wrong with JTH's conservative speak, you just aren't fluent in the language.

Obama ran an amazing campaign. He had a hell of a lot of money to do it too. The Party ran an amazing campaign. Clearly, they mobilized their base better than ever before and much better than did McCain or the RNC.

I hope America does as well as the One has projected and when he does what is right, I'll support him. If I don't agree with him, I'll still respect the office like I still respected the office during Clinton's second term.

That's the difference between us and liberals. I still love America. I still think it's the greatest country on earth or probably has ever been on earth. America doesn't suck, isn't evil, isn't responsible for all of mankind's problems because someone who's idealogies I disagree with more than I agree with happens to be in the White House. When I was critical of Bush, he deserved criticism. "Let's hear it for Brownie" for example. If America does well under Obama, it's good for all Americans and people on the left should have had the same attitude over the last eight years. We're all Americans before we're Democrats or Republicans.

Those idiot terrorists who called for the ultimate embarassment of Bush don't have the first clue about conservatives either. First of all, Bush wasn't running. Second of all, we're going to transfer power peacefully come January like we have for over two hundred years and they are going to find that less has changed than they think. We will still kick their miserable fascist coward asses seven ways to Sunday and if they dare attack us again, Obama isn't going to roll over and play dead. They forget some of our greatest war time presidents have been Democrats.

This endless campaigning has to stop too. Someone, I think in jest, said one of the governors of a southern state was already planning a trip to Iowa in the next few weeks. There ought to be a law - six months maybe of campaigning before a national election, otherwise you're doing the first job you were elected to do.

Thank God it's over though. Finally, maybe we can try and get something done again.


The time has come for us to unite as a nation regardless of what party we voted for. Men like james are an example of african-americans that are so delusional and filled with self hate that there is no helping him, he is doomed to join the Clarence Thomas's and others like him in our race that will never be proud to see one of his own rise to greatness. I also get a sense of envy from james concerning President Obama and I'm convinced that he realizes his short time in the spotlight is done and it is very likely that the fairness doctrine will snuff out the other conservative idiots that pollute the talk radio with they're small minded propoganda. Out with the old it's a new day. I am inspired and I've never felt more proud to be an african american man!

Jeff Morton

What would be amazing is if the Presidency of Barack Hussein Obama is AMAZING! In absolute disagreement to his becoming president, I pray for his safety and that of his family. I pray too, that he leave a mark in history that is not...painful!

dumb blonde

is sarah nature hair color blonde?????


Chris from Racine

Glad to have you back home James T. :) I'm really glad you remember and appreciate from whence you came!!

what a day

awesome awesome


The Asian Badger

Caught a little bit of it last night. Nicely done, James.

dana michelle

"...and it is very likely that the fairness doctrine will snuff out the other conservative idiots that pollute the talk radio with they're small minded propoganda."

So you really feel the censorship of free speech is a good idea, JP? Or do you just favor the censorship of the things you don't want to hear? Just remember while you're busy overturning that pesky First Amendment, your own right to free speech will be in danger, too.


Enjoy the continuation of your ideological irrelevance. :)

Chris -West Bend

Lacrima Christi...I feel that even though Christ knew what was coming for America, He is saddened by our choice. Not because of the man's skin tone or even his religious views, but because of his principles including the likes of "pro-choice" that he takes above and beyond. I feel, however, that we have made our bed with our constant immoral behaviour and sins (myself included) and now we must lie in it. It might not end up to be quite as bad as some of us fear, but it is still yet another step in the wrong direction.

As for censoring free speech with the "fair"ness doctrine, what a laughable thought. Many liberals said the only reason Obama was bashed was because conservatives feared a victory. Why would you want to censor our voices? Sounds like you are scared. No one makes you turn on wtmj 620 or any other conservative radio show, so don't. You want to talk about heading in the wrong direction, lets silence the voices on radio, then maybe lets move to books...where will it end? Sounds like 1984 and Farenheit 451.

Finally, you waste plenty of time pointing fingers at JT for being an uncle tom or jealous or whatever else. If this wasn't anonymous, would you still post? How about put your really name up and maybe reveal something that you are doing in your life that gives you any right to pass judgement on this hardworking, family man. Go whine and spread your hate on another site, preferably somewhere that your vile and nasty words are welcomed. Try a liberal blog...

Maddie - Saukville

Always love a lecture from a liberal about our need to come together because conservatives are fucked in their heads. Love ya JP!

Tim Gaburungyi

Dear conservatives, the right thing to do now after a drabbing at the polls is to analyze where it all went wrong. To me Sen. McCain’s choice for a running mate was questionable. It was clearly politically motivated and indeed he rallied the base. But Governor Palin was clearly unprepared. Among many other embarrassments, it has now emerged that she did not even know if Africa was a continent or a country – never mind that the head of the opposing ticket was of recent African descent. This was a very irresponsible move that violated every value of responsible government. I would like to believe that there are conservatives who can rally the base and are also informed.

Maddie - Saukville

McCain's choice of Palin was politically motivated? No kidding. It's politics. If you want to play the Africa isn't a continent card then I'll play the Obama thinks there are 57 states card. Wow, we're getting somewhere now!

I can't believe it

Maddie, mistating how many caucuses and primaries one has been in, is highly different than not knowing the nature of a continent vs a country. LOL. Play whatever card you like, but everyone knows who wins in the end.

I want to understand how conservatives can rail against a man because he's pro choice, yet wants to stop the desire of people to have abortions, and lobby for a man who cheated on his wife and divorced her.

And for those of you saying that Christ looks at Obama's presidency in disdain, I'd wager that you aren't as Christ-like as you claim. You don't speak for Christ. Christ spoke, you need only follow.

I am a Christian, pro-choice, young woman who understands what it is like to be more than Christian in name alone. I really wish some of my "conservative" brethren and sistren would learn that as well.


We all have a right to look at the whoever is president however we'd like. We absolutely must pray for and seek the best for all elected, even if we disagree with everything they say and do.

Points about people cheating on their wives and divorcing them are valid, just as the associations people had and still have are valid. But if we say it's wrong for McCain to have done that, then why was Clinton given a carte blanche for the same thing?

Lastly, I completely agree that we need to lower the number of abortions that happen, hopefully to zero. Unfortunately, the abortion option is such a devisive one because it get to the root of life, the beginning, as well as the root of bad decisions that people make, take actions that will cover up or seemingly make something go away with no consequences or change in behavior. The thing that lead up to having to make the choice in the first place is what needs to change to begin with. Why punish a baby for one's own lack of self control in 99.99% of abortions? And then why allow the gruesom late term practice when there are millions of people who'd adopt? and then why pass laws that keep parents from knowing what's going on with their kids?

We shortchange ourselves when we think that the family unit wont work through situations like with the last issue I mentioned. Most people don't kick their kids to the curb when this comes up, they deal with it together.

Remember, being conservative often has as much to do with keeping standards, much like traffic laws. they are in place not to keep us from having fun but to make our lives easier by not getting into messes in the first place. I mean we want everyone to do whatever whenever and then we have to deal with more drunk driving related deaths every year in the US than the entire number of US casulties in the recent wars combined. When we fall short of standards, we more often than not have the opporunity to make a better decision in the future, hopefully shooting for a higher standard rather than no standard.

Chris -West Bend

I can't believe it- number one, divorce is not the same as killing an innocent child and you should be ashamed for comparing the two. I do not agree with either, but I feel much stronger about abortion. number two, Obama is not nearly as much pro-choice as he is pro-abortion. not only that but the abortions he supports are disturbing and repulsive...look into partial birth abortion, fetal dismemberment, and infanticide and then come back and say something. abortion is not a choice you or any woman should have a right to make, it is wrong and sinful, and for that matter, murder. number three, my post about christ being sad about or choice contained no profession of my reflection of christ. you can ask anyone who knows me and they will tell you that I have a strong faith, but do not behave as I feel I should. if you can look at the man we elected and honestly tell me you think Christ is happy, you should search a little more inside yourself. and, for your sake, I am not a superchristian or hypocrite, but I do feel we made a poor choice. do not assume that because I feel Christ is saddened by our choice that I am telling you how closely I walk with God, becauce I did not and will not tell you anything of the sort. I am not a judge or jury, merely an observer with strong feelings about the situation.

Chris -West Bend

Oh, I forgot, as for the speaking for Christ, I wasn't it is the Bible speaks plenty on all of these issues.

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