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    October 16, 2008


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    Reading this blog clearly speaks for itself why you wouldn't want to support Obama. I wonder if these folks kiss their momma's with those mouths. Have no fear, we know one day every knee will bow and every tounge confess, that Jesus is Lord. God have mercy on there souls and their filthy mouths for they know not what they do. Keep your head high James, your Heavenly Master knows in he's your only Master, so does the world whether they want to admit it or not. Blessed are those persecuted in the name of Jesus. Your treasures are yet to come. I'm lifting you up in prayer.

    Maddie - Saukville

    Peace and love James.

    We shall overcome.


    James man, you need to publically reconcile yourself to your closeted homosexuality, you'll have a much freer and happier life brother. Stop projecting your self-hate onto liberals and your own black community--support the candidate who supports the gay community AND the black community, come home James...come home.

    "Those insecure types with two earrings always run faster..." -Shelly Winters, after James Harris stormed off CNN in a hissy fit


    James, you and your followers came to be educated people - the word Messiah does not reflect on Jesus. Budda is also considered to be a Messiah. The word for religious purpose means chosen one. If you are a Christian is it so hard to believe that God would pick someone to help the world - like Barrack? If people are so sure that Barrack is not the person to be president then you would not have to use insults to make your point. You claim you are a conservative. How about you and others be human beings first. And let's just say this you need to thank Barrack because without him not many outside your little radio station would know who you are.


    Hey James,

    Thought your readers may want to read the lawsuit that Phillip Berg filed (Civ. Action No. 2:08-cv-04083-RBS) with the US District Court Eastern District Pennsylvania along with the copies of Motions from Obama AND the DNC (MOTION OF DEFENDANTS

    Notice how many names Barrack has!.

    Here is the link:,%20Defense%20request%20for%20Protective%20Order%20re%20Discovery.pdf

    You can google 'Obama birth certificate lawsuit' for all the information.


    I hear poor James has been getting death threats.




    I am a new fan. Keep up the good work!

    Please ignore the uneducated liberals that are leave such racist comments here. I am appalled that there is this kind of prejudice and racist name calling still around. I had truly thought we as a people had gotten way beyond that.

    Keep up the good work James.



    The logical conclusion is that most African Americans are deluded. Perhaps it's genetics.


    Bacchante, that was not nice. There are a lot of Americans of African decent that are voting for McCain, that do not stoop to calling names and sounding ignorant.


    The only thing worse than a black republican is a gay republican. Or I suppose a black gay republican. Best definition of self-hating if there ever was one.


    I wish they could answer one question, why are they so focused on Joe and not the answer to the question he asked.
    It doesn't matter who Joe is, what he does for a living, whether he's a "republican plant" or not.
    The issue is Obama's answer to Joe's question.
    Joe is not running for POTUS, he asked a candidate for the office of POTUS a question. That candidate answered the question.
    And now, he and his team are fighting like hell to discredit the man that asked the question, but have not said anything what so ever about his answer to that question.

    Obama stated quite clearly he favors redistribution of wealth. He said it, Joe did not force him to say it. Why are Obama and his team of supporters running scared?????

    Attack, try to discredit, call them all the names you can think of, it will not change Obama's answer to that question.


    James, I am begging you, BEGGING you to keep going. Keep fighting. The lefties and their racist agenda need to be put of there for the public to see.

    btw, I just started reading "Liberal Fascism" by Jonah Goldberg. If you haven't picked up a copy I suggest you do, it is a fascinating read!


    James "token" Harris is being replaced by an undeducated fake plumber- folks have more respect for the uneducated plumber than you James. You probably still don't know how this system works. Racism is still alive James...Guy you just don't get it. You were used.


    "Used"? You mean like the Black Community is being used by Obama and the liberal left to get elected while never really doing anything to lift it up and improve their lives? You mean that kinda used?

    You mean like using the promise of a middle class tax cut while running for the state senate, then once elected not bringing any legislation to actually fulfill that campaign promise? That kind of used?

    Or do you mean using the promise of home ownership to dupe people into taking on loans they couldn't afford and then funneling that money to liberal democrats who line their pockets through Fannie & Freddie? Is that the same kind of Use?

    Racism is still alive alright.. Liberal Democrats "Use" it to make sure you keep voting for them. How does it feel to be used?


    Hey JHAM, nice job spelling "discrace" there buddy.

    By the way...

    I'd like to see you and your loser friends even try to even attempt a revolution. Us conservatives would go 2nd Amendment all over your asses, east coast west coast, etc, etc. Because we don't try to control people's lives. Unlike BO.



    Thus Successful Troll is successful.

    James T. We love you man. You ever need a hand we're here for you. Because that's what Americans are SUPPOSED to do.

    Apparently most liberals these days are the biggest hypocritical phailure to disgrace the world with their presence. Liberals are all about free speech, then why are you dumbasses persecuting someone who is using his "Freedom of Expression" you all cry out about when ever one of you idiots threatens Bush or a government official and get busted for threatening to take their lives and their families.

    Seriously, Screw you guys. This is America, don't like it? Go to Canada like half of you will flee to when Obama initiates the draft for his war with Pakistan because he launches a raid to go after a terrorist that is buried beneath OVER 9000! feet of cave complexes and a smear on the landscape of the Hindu Kush, and Pakistan defends their own sovereign territory. Your good pal Obama said he would do that. Good luck, since you're the ones voting for the moron based on ****ing skin pigments.

    James T. is racist? No look in the mirror you ignorant dipsh/ts and you'll find one. I pray your children don't live to grow up to be like you morons, whom think people whom the majority's ancestors of white people weren't even in the US until 1900. By the way, Emancipation Proclamation occurred in 1863, not when Obama takes the inaugural address you bigots. Hmm, I wonder why the majority of people I know that enjoy listening to James T. that are black live in a neigborhood that has more Asians, Crackers (me since you guys get off scott-free with using the white equivalent of the N-bomb), Latinos, Jews, Catholics, Calvinists, and so on that your typical square mile of the urban core, while still having a Black rerend just down the street that I admire for his sense of duty to his church without politically or racially charging it (Rev Wright and Flager/Farrakhan anyone?).

    So it's not James T. who is needs to work on changing anything, it's the people on the left whom portray James T. and call him an Uncle Tom. Hmm, look at who a decent sized portion of the people hating on James T. and you'll notice their crackers too. Hmmm liberals are racist?

    WHHHHHAAAAAAA? The group of openness using racial slurs against a black man? WHAAAAAAA??? Liberals threatening a black mans life? WHAAAAA?

    Yet, who are the people giving him support?


    CONSERVATIVES! The people that are supposedly ignorant and uncouth. We "cling to our guns and religion" and we "are bitter"...

    You want to know why?

    Because it's people like you guys that makes us only more defiant and strengthen our resolve to oppose you and your hypocritical system of beliefs.

    I look forward to seeing more phailtrolls making posts that I can laugh at how stupid you guys on the left truly are.

    P.S. I'm a college student... so much for the youth vote landslide for the Obami-lama.


    dana michelle

    Ella: You wrote "If you are a Christian is it so hard to believe that God would pick someone to help the world - like Barrack?"

    Yes, if you are a Christian, you would KNOW that God would not hand-pick a man who supports not only abortion, but also partial birth-abortion and leaving born alive infants to die. All of these atrocities are an abomination in the sight of God. Think about that.

    On another note, I have to echo the sentiments of Chris in West Bend. I can't wait for this name-calling to end so we can go back to having intelligent discourse here.


    Well Diane, it's his words, not mine. He's the one who says most African Americans are misled - and this is important - WITHOUT conceding that there are any possible VALID reasons to vote for Obama.



    Ok I'll bite.. Give me one reason why someone should vote for Obama. Can't be hope or change or anything about not continuing the Bush policies. Be specific.



    "You mean like the Black Community is being used by Obama and the liberal left to get elected while never really doing anything to lift it up and improve their lives?"

    First of all...WTF? Not all of us are living hand to mouth. The Democrats have instituted programs to help African Americans. They have definetely done more than the Republicans have. Why are you so angry that Black people are supporting the Democrats and have since the Civil Rights Movement. Why has this all of the sudden become such an issue this year? Where were you guys when we were voting 90% for Kerry, Clinton & Gore? Get a new talking point.

    Also, if you want to talk about being used, every four years, the Republicans use the Conservatives to get elected by using Roe v/s Wade and "Compassionate Conservatism" (whatever that means) and never do anything for them.

    Can just one of you guys come up with a point that hasn't been spouted out by Fox News or Sean Hannity? Your arguments are old, baseless & starting to sound ridiculous.


    McPalin told you after all of your begging "MY FRIEND, YOUR REWARD WILL BE IN HEAVEN" you my friend, are a fool!

    Random Liberal Democrat


    FYI...(from Webster's Dictionary)

    Main Entry: Af·ri·can–Amer·i·can

    Pronunciation: \ˌa-fri-kə-nə-ˈmer-ə-kən, -ˈme-rə- also ˌä-\
    Function: noun

    Date: 1855

    : an American of African and especially of black African descent

    — African–American adjective

    ...I just thought I'd include this description for your future reference.

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