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    October 16, 2008


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    Well james its safe to say you're 15 minutes are officially up! And Obama still won last nights debate so all the cooning and ass kissing you've done this past week was all for naught. I hope the little attention you got was worth it because you will forever be remembured as a coward who sold his soul for a taste of fame. Loser!



    Ignore the American Sheeple under the Obama trance. If they can be persuaded with his lies because they’re not intelligent enough to read through his policies and see through his dangerous alliances, then they deserve everything their going to ultimately get when he's president. By the way, I think your Maker is applauding you courageous efforts. It says much when one is willing to put his own agenda aside for the sake of righteousness.


    I think he will be remembered for revealing how Americans of African descent on the left are every bit as hateful as any ignorant bigoted racist fool of any color.


    James is an ugly faced monkey.



    Hold your head up high for having the courage to express your beliefs without letting those who play identity politics bully you into silence. I honestly had never heard of you before, but I'll be supporting you from here on out.


    "James is an ugly faced monkey. Posted by: Samantha"

    Case in point..


    Amen Christie. I have bookmarked this site for future reference.

    Here's to you Mr. Harris.


    For every moron out there who doesn't like you James, there are 20 of us who love you.

    Keep up the good work.

    catherine yingling

    James, I've been a listener of yours for quite some time now and when I heard your courageous comment to Senator McCain, I felt even more respect for you! Those who say mean things to you are just confused!! Keep up the good work. You're a blessing to your listeners.

    Hannah Duccab

    God Bless you James T. Harris. Obama will be exposed for the fraud he is someday.

    Hannah Duccab

    God Bless you James T. Harris. Obama will be exposed for the fraud he is someday.


    James, keep up the good work. quick question: Where are all the "Gates"?

    If Obama was from the Right there would be at 3 gates by now.


    I too am a new fan. I don't think Obama is the antichrist, but I now see how the antichrist is going to fool so many people...they are already fools because they won't believe the truth when it slaps them in the face. It's not a black or white thing, it's about one's character...keep telling it!!

    Frederick Douglass

    I saw your dramatic hissyfit on CNN yesterday-

    Way to go, Moteasuh!


    You sir, are a discrace. Your shuffeling and scraping to the feet of your new massa is the saddest thing I have seen connected with my former hometown. I hope the brothers run your fake ass out of town.


    Know up front that I am a conservative minority supporter of John McCain.

    I thought Mr. Farrakhan was playing it smart by keeping quiet. It is no surprise that he is for Sen. Obama. I thought he learned from Rev. Wright and the other Obama association stories to keep quiet. I thought he realized that his notoriety would hurt Sen. Obama outside (and some parts within)the black community in this country.

    Mr. Farrakhan must be thinking it is certain Sen. Obama is going to be the next president. That is why he is speaking out now. I think a lot of the folks in the black community think Sen Obama is already the presidential winner.

    With this ACORN thing, new voter registrations are being and going to be closely scrutinized. I think the Obama vote tally is going to be affected when newly registed people arrive to vote and told they can't, because their registration is in

    Could this 1948 upset happen to Sen. Obama? Could we be seeing news paper headlines with Sen. Obama as the winner being held by our next president, John McCain?


    You sir, are a disgrace. Your shuffling and scraping to the feet of your new massa is the saddest thing I have seen connected with my former hometown. I hope the brothers run your fake ass out of town. Everyone knows the spies, sellouts and traitors are going to be the first to go when the revolution comes.

    Tracy Coenne

    James, you are a true hero for speaking out for what you believe. I agree with you wholeheartedly, but even if I didn't, I would still be applauding you with everything I have.


    Blowback's a bitch huh James?

    Chris -West Bend

    Hey JT, how long till you clear the boards of this ignorant garbage? We should get back to having intelligent conversations about politics not this crap!

    God bless you again, and Im praying for you.

    Like jason on TNC said today, you have no idea how much I'm in your corner man!


    Hey James,

    You disgraced yourself and your candidate by walking off the set during the CNN interview. Mr. Stewart handed you your butt on a platter and you had a temper tantrum like a two year old and walked off the set.

    What kind of punk Sh$t was that? Waaa waaa, you called me a name! You can't go on your 15 minutes of fame tour through Fox News, every newspaper you can get your name into and then act a fool on CNN because you have some tough opposition. You were angrier than your massa McCain was in the last debate.

    And by the way, McCain failed to "take it to him." We're going straight to the White House and we're gonna paint it Red Black and sell outs allowed.

    Peace Uncle James


    You should be so proud of your Republican party, James. I surely hope you put family and especially your childrens' future before party. You can't make this stuff up or explain it away.

    And by the way, McCain taking it to Obama gave Obama a great segue to clarify/reiterate his benign connections to Ayers and ACORN as well as illustrate the good people who actually advise his campaign. Thanks for begging McCain to take it to him.



    Seriously...Chocolate Jesus? C'mon, you're far more intelligent than that. As I'm sure you already know, if you just look at the word without the religious context, messiah translates as chosen one and thus far, as the polls indicate, Obama is the chosen one by the majority if voters. It's just a word...get over it.

    Zach W.

    James, nice tantrum today on Fox News!


    Hey James:You did an excellent job shining your master McCain's shoes last night for the debate. I bet you gave him a big, hearty 'YESSUH!!!!!!

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