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    October 17, 2008


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    Fired Up

    So you're doing this for Christ's sake or your own sake? For goodness sake.


    i "repute" the nasty things that people are saying but you lowered your selfworth by begging on national tv.


    What a shame. I guess this is what happens when you don't agree with The Messiah.


    James, God bless you and keep you in this time. and I beg you to keep on going and not to let the haterism out here affect you too deeply. the serpent reared its ugly head yet you still live. praise be to the father that things are as well as they are.


    You have been replaced by Joe the Plumber, What didn't John McCain give a shout out to James "token" Harris at the debate. James you have been used. Shame on you. You have brought the kool aide.


    Has anyone noticed that most black conservative men seem to be dreadfully unattractive? Jesse Lee Petersen, Clarence Thomas, Armstrong Williams, boot-licker James Harris. Seems to be a pattern here. Wonder if rejection they may have recieved (from women and perhaps men also)helped shaped their worldviews.


    My opinion is that James was begging as a Conservative. He gave voice to the frustrations of those who feel that John McCain (who is not a conservative) is not being aggressive enough in his campaigning.

    What he is revealing here is that the Black Community has it's fair share of bigots who are willing to spew hate and intolerance at someone who simply has a different point of view.

    I'm hoping Mr. Harris returns to CNN and would make that point. Then thank CNN for being a tool for the liberal left who would rather divide the black community for ratings than actually have a substantive debate about the issues.


    Oh...I see. So when you drag the name of a prominent US leader through the mud daily, refer to him as "Chocolate Jesus" and "Socialist" to make a buck, beg the White man to negatively "take it to him" on national TV, then bash his supporters by suggesting that they have no brains and are just following "The Messiah" because he's Black him it's OK. But when it's turned back on you, and folks call you out for embarrassing yourself and inciting a racist mob to do harm to others you want to call on The Lord? Sorry James, it just doesn't work that way.


    Well, I wonder how James the bootlicker feels after being used because of his black face and immediately discarded for the much lighter-skinned Joe the Plumber? I bet poor James thought he was going to ride McCains's coattails to instant media success, some notoriety, and become the next darling of the GOP! Wrong, wrong, wrong. And even more to the point, Sarah Palin and the rest of the right wing want NOTHING to do with you.


    You are entitled to your opinions, and beliefs.

    The problem is you're a father to subject your child to see you BEG another man in front of the world shows weakness.

    Most children who have their fathers present believe their father's are the smartest and strongest. You've place on your child a memory that will stay forever.

    I hope you can live with the damage you may have caused.


    Brenda, do you have children? God help us all if you do.


    James, I want to thank you for everything you've been through in the last few weeks. I remember the first time I heard your talk show, and thinking, "Finally! A young, fresh conservative voice in this city." I've been shocked at the response from the minority communities toward you. Because of that, you and your family have been in my prayers - not only for your safety, but also for continued courage.

    The country that I love doesn't divide people into political parties based on the color of their skin, and I'm thankful for all of your work representing the CONSERVATIVE voice. Continue the good work, God bless you and your family, and I hope you get a gig on Fox.

    dana michelle

    Brenda, it's obvious you have not had the pleasure of seeing a picture of the very beautiful Mrs. Harris. I can assure you, she is quite lovely.

    And I really have to wonder about your taste in men if you don't find James and his 1000-watt smile attractive. He and his wife make a very handsome couple.

    LegioNofZioN: Good to see your voice of reason back here! Looks like little by we are taking this blog back from the haters.

    dana michelle

    Collin, I am not going to let you get away with this comment:

    "inciting a racist mob to do harm to others"


    What universe do you live in? That comment is so over the top I don't even know where to begin. Who was "inciting" anyone? Who was racist? (Musta been all those white people) Who went out and did harm? (No one!)



    Please press on despite the lashes. When you shatter an illusion, sometimes it hurts. I'm inspired by you because daily media would have America believe that there are no educated and aware people who subscribe to conservative principles, let alone a 'black man'. Perhaps we all should connect across the country to prove that we exist. Bless you. Don't stop.
    --Chris in VA


    Thank God for what you do and keep up the good work! I have throughout my few years met only and handful of Americans of African decent who are actual conservatives. I thoroughly enjoy your radio shows and thank you for coming into work.

    John from Delafield

    Govenor JT Harris. Go for it.


    I live in the United states & obviously, you haven't been reading the news. I'm not going to let you get away with that!



    I wish that you had not been subjected to so much hate mail after your appearance at the McCain town hall meeting. I think that people should not speak to each other that way, period. It's totally destructive, and the people who do that to you only hurt their own cause. And drive you further into the conservative camp.

    I am an Obama supporter, and it is hard for me to understand how any black person can support McCain. That's why I'm checking out your blog. I saw you mock the guy who appeared on O'Reily talking about racist codes, but I'd love to see you give a more complete explanation of how you deal with racism within the Republican Party. I think it's fair to say that overt racism is far more common among Republicans than Democrats.

    Today I read about a black woman in CA whose local Republican Party sent out a picture of Obama on a food stamp with fried chicken and watermelon. She had tried to recruit black friends to her party, but when she saw that, she cried. Have you had any similar reactions of disappointment to racist acts among Republicans? Some of these acts are overt and clear, but I would argue that Palin has effectively coded others: "he doesn't see America like you and me." That is an effective way to paint him as the other; it's a scare tactic that has been used since Reconstruction, in my opinion. Or, more overtly, the Republicans who have made reference to "Barack Hussein Obama." Since when does a middle name disqualify someone from office?

    So, I'd like to see a serious post on the racial front. I'd also like to know how McCain's economic policies are going to move us forward, because the last 8 years haven't gone so well. I saw you refer to the last two years of a Democratic Congress. That looks like a real cop-out to me. You can't have 8 years of a Repub President and 6 years of Repub Congress and then blame the past two years of Dem Congress for the economic collapse. Disingenuous. I challenged you to do better.


    poor leslie

    Leslie, James' kids see that he is brave in the face of adversity -- he begged and pleaded with McCain to man up! That's not at all the same thing as begging for mercy or begging for a hand out. Can't you understand that?

    dana michelle

    All you have supplied are a link to a post about a rally in another state and links that show that yes, there are racists living in America. (And by the way, they come in all colors of the rainbow, as is evidenced by the steady stream of hate posted to this blog over the past week)

    I want you to specifically address the rally that took place in Waukesha, WI. THAT is the rally that you have accused of being a "racist mob" that was "incited to do harm" because of the comments of one James T. Harris.

    Show me proof of THAT.

    And yes, I DO listen to the news. So I am well aware that nothing of the sort took place at that rally. In addition, recent national news reports by the MSM have questioned whether anything of the sort actually happened at ANY McCain rally.


    Stand firm, fam...

    -from Georgia


    Humility is taking pride in being put down, right? What a joke.

    Reminds me of that Eddie Murphy movie where he plays Satan and he convinces the crowd that evil is really good.


    No Need For Name calling. I simply think you should Think About it.

    Not Saying you should vote for Obama I just want you to simply step back look at your family Deeply explore your beliefs, future, and history then ask "Is It Worth It"

    Some Say it my be the Attention Factor Such as the People who still "Undecided" yearn for.

    I live in a world were Voters will simply not vote for Obama because he is black some people are so Simple Minded that it hurts. I wish we lived in a Utopia which most people probably do. I'm a Midwest Blue Collared 28 year old Male and without Obama in office I could not see how things would not get better while Barack fights and vows to Unite the people McCain will leave just as we are.

    Just Think and PRAY about it.
    Then ask your self "Is it worth it?"


    Well cousin...You wanted the bright lights...You wanted the attention...Now you have to be willing to suffer what you started for the cause, not to back out saying "life isn't fair." While you are asking McCain to man-up...I advise you to do the same...

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