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    August 06, 2008


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    Obama for President of the World!!
    Maybe he can get a booking on the next space shuttle then he can run as President of the Sol System!

    Mike Plaisted

    It's called Americans Abroad, you idiot. See "only American Citizens with US Passport numbers can contribute to the campaign".

    Did you miss something? Where do I start?....


    And only those US Citizens willing to fork out $10,000 a plate. So much for Obama's non-elitism.


    You see James, most Americans abroad don't like like/living in America so this is Obama's core constituency.

    James T


    You may want to "start" with a link that actually works.

    While conversation is the spice of life, I find you to be bitter and angry as you cling to your intellect and scorn.

    I guess that's what makes you such a good liberal... You're so pissy.



    Pay him no mind. He thinks you're hack and don't deserve the success you've earned at WTMJ. You're just another wing-nut to him.

    While Mike clings to his intellect and scorn, I'll cling to my guns and religion.

    James T



    Mike Plaisted

    "intellect and scorn"? Is that what I'm clinging to? I thought it was the dashboard as I try to hold the road during another one of J.T.'s ridiculous giggle spasms. "Success" at TMJ? Yeah, right.

    Sorry about the the link -- I put the whole thing in there, your software couldn't handle it. Just Google "Clooney" and "switzerland" and you'll find the same thing. Not that you would want the facts to get in the way.

    You stay classy, Harris. I'd rather be pissy than crappy.


    Oh snap James! He told you! He called you "crappy!" He laid the smack down on you!

    Since Mike's only "success" has come from reduced sentences for repeat offenders he needs to make fun of someone like you. He's jealous that a black man (a conservative no less!) is having more success as a blogger and now as a radio show host. The fact that he's writing blogs about you and then ripping you on your blogs is proof of his jealousy. He just can't handle a successful BLACK conservative.

    Maddie - Saukville

    Oh God! You mean to tell me that if Obama is the next president, people like Madonna are going to move back to the states?!

    Mike, do I have this right? You're saying that you being yellow is more attractive than Mr. Harris' beautiful shade of brown? You are sadly mistaken my friend.

    James T

    Now, now, now friends. Lets give Mr. Plaisted the benefit of the doubt. Obviously he is a fan... a hate fan, but a fan none the less.

    He spells my name right, he listens to the show and deep down,in his tiny little heart, I think he loves me.

    You love me, don't you Mike... I think you do.

    Mike Plaisted

    Fan? "An enthusiastic devotee, follower, or admirer..." Uh, no. I listen and read you because I like to watch slow-motion train wrecks. It's fun to watch how many different ways you can screw up, get things wrong, strain to protect your GOP friends, use your position as a black man to beat up on your own people. It is facinating and sickening to watch.

    And, the cackle, James. That ridiculous nervous laugh you have when you are at a loss for words or when you think you have said something terribly clever.

    Like I said, you are a walking train wreck.

    James T

    So it's official..You're a masochist. You are like a moth to the flame, a hate groupie, fixated... sick. You're like the Cable guy.

    That last post was kind of scary. I think that it's time to say bye, bye dude. Time for you to go away. You can go seethe on your own site.

    Ladies and gentlemen Mike Plaisted has left the building!

    Maddie - Saukville

    Mr James T Harris, Mike hates....himself! He can't stop listening to/reading you because he likes what you have to say, he recognizes in you, things in himself that he could never admit to and claims to be untrue! And the more he listens, the more he hates himself and the more he lashes out at you. Its classic transferrence.

    I can't stand Rosie O'Donnell, that Air America idiot or one of our own righty nut jobs Michael Savage to name but a few. You know what? I don't listen to them! Why the hell would I? They sicken me. They have nothing to say that interests me. They're hateful, spiteful small people and my time is more valuable to me than to waste it on them!

    Face it Mike: You hate yourself. You just have a convenient target to try to lose your self-loathing.

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