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    July 23, 2008


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    3rd way

    The sane part of America still works on the assumption of innocence until guilt is proven. If someone has some proof of this relationship Edwards will be asking Spitzer for career advice.

    Until then it is just fodder for the gossip rags, or right wing bloviators.

    James T

    Innocent until proven guilty is for jurors.

    The only proof you need is common sense... and the pictures that I am sure will be forth coming!

    Mike Plaisted

    The National Enquirer? THE NATIONAL ENQUIRER??? Really, Harris. Get a grip.

    James T


    How subjective of you. Truth is truth even if in the mouth of swine. Right? Even Satan can quote scripture. Does that make the scriptures less… scriptural?

    The question should be… is it true?

    Hypocrisy used to be a universal disqualifier, today it’s just a character flaw (if you’re a Democrat, that is).

    THE NATIONAL ENQUIRER also broke the story on Jesse Jackson and his love child, remember that? In 1998, while Karin Stanford was carrying the reverend's child (Lord, have mercy!), the two visited President Bill Clinton in the White House. President Clinton was "recovering" from all things Lewinsky, and Jesse was there to "counsel" him.

    Seems like THE NATIONAL ENQUIRER??? has a knack for exposing this sort of hypocrisy.

    I’m sure that if the politician were Republican, you wouldn’t be so quick to dismiss.


    James T, why even bother responding to Mike P? He thinks you're a hack and is jealous of the position you've earned with WTMJ. I'm sure he thinks it should be him, not you, with the success.

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